10 best online stores of inspiration for 2018

We started 2018 with a small look back. Throughout this year we have seen a lot of new ideas in the Buy Sales Directors Email List world of e-commerce, new stores that have shown new ways of dealing with problems that designers find in our day to day. That’s why I want to show you the best online stores that will inspire you for this new year.

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One of the things I like most is browsing different stores, looking at their strengths and weaknesses. There is no better way to learn than to look at the work of other people, of talented people.

This is our selection of best e-commerce of the year.

The German brand has had a very inspired year when it comes to designing its online stores, in fact we have included two in this list. The first is its main store, a model that has replicated in the different domains that it has worldwide. Just enter the store, you see the product, in a slider that shows the most prominent. You’ll see that you clearly have two options, “Buy” or “Discover.” Buy takes you to the store, while if you click on   it takes you to the page of the sub brand that tells you the shoes in a spectacular and dynamic way.

You also have to take note of your product listings. Not only shows it in all possible angles, but also shows how the shoes are put. But where perhaps it highlights more about the competition is in the possibility of creating your own designs in a very simple way. Adidas wanted to promote the launch of the Speedfactory series with a visually spectacular page, highly interactive and very consistent with the product it shows. It highlights the possibility of seeing the shoe in 360º, making the background move in tune, giving a great sense of cohesion to the entire web. The signature of headphones and ROC helmets has opened shop and has done so in a sensational, putting their products in the foreground and with the image of the firm -Cristiano Ronaldo- with great prominence throughout the cover. In addition, the first time you enter you receive with the option of achieving a discount of 10% if you enter your email. A great way to achieve leads. A page that offers to sell capsules that promise to improve from your memory to your social capacities may not generate the greatest confidence. However, Nooflow achieves it with a very clean design that gives a great feeling of transparency, showing the natural ingredients with which it is made. The first thing you find is the product with a brief description of what it does and the link to buy. Whoever has doubts, with a quick lateral scroll will find a complete but condensed list of its qualities. Polaroid has known how to make the most of the resurgence of vintage in the era of smartphones and it has taken a great advantage. All the web design fits perfectly with the appearance of the cameras. How could it be otherwise, some very careful photos have a great weight on the web, and the product card is responsible for reminding you that to take photos you will need a film, a crosselling opportunity that is not wasted. There are few things more personal than buying the decoration of your home. A piece of furniture is something that you will find every day in your home and it has to be functional and aesthetic. Via Copenhagen is committed to showing them as they would be in a decorated room instead of isolating them. When entering your website we find a series of spectacular photographs of their different products, which can be seen simply by sliding down. This way of showing the product gives an enormous warmth, something necessary when talking about something like your house.

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