4 tips to meet your audience. Make it your best competitive advantage

You can have a splendid design job, an intense presence in networks or a spectacular product, that if you do not communicate it to the Lawyer Mailing Lists right people they will not be of any use to you and you can be squandering a big advertising budget in killing flies with cannon fire. Knowing your audience is something vital in any business. No product or service is going to suit everyone’s taste, so it’s much better to focus on those people who are easier to end up buying.

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Those of us who work in marketing are fortunate to live in a time when it is very easy for us to address ourselves no longer to a specific audience, but to a specific person. A few years ago you needed to publish an ad in a magazine whose average buyer approached as much as possible the audience that interested you, but today thanks to platforms like Google and, most especially, Facebook we can define in great detail the person we want that our ad appears, thus optimizing to the maximum.

How to meet your audience

And how can I meet my potential client? The simplest way is with the data of your own clients. From them you can create a “person” or “people”, with data as if they are urban or rural, age, studies …

Once you have developed this profile, Facebook Ads allows you to create campaigns specifically aimed at this type of person. Keep in mind, in addition, that the social network allows you to upload your customers’ data from your Analytics or from your CRM, and then cross the data and create an audience with their own data. In general, the success rate of this tool of the Zuckerberg is close to 70%.

When directing your ads, keep in mind that although segmenting is important, doing it in excess can have a detrimental effect, reducing your reach and playing against you.

Key information to personalize your ads

This offers us another great advantage with respect to the advertising of a lifetime, and is that we can customize the ad around a series of key aspects to make it more effective. For example, in a bilingual area such as Barcelona we can make two versions of the ad, one in Spanish and one in Catalan, so that Facebook shows the one that could have the most effect according to your personal data.

Another fundamental aspect is that Facebook allows us to know which segments of our audience respond better to our ads, allowing us to redouble our efforts in them.

Improve your SEO positioning

The best thing is that all this information, both that of your customers and that you can get through Facebook, can also help you improve your search engine rankings, using keywords that can suggest all this new information.

Remember that it is essential that in order for your ad to work without problems it is important that it is adapted to perfection for both mobile and desktop. It is also essential to test A / B with each ad to see which has a higher conversion rate.

Another aspect that we can not forget is remarketing . If a person has already bought us (and received the product or service he expected), it is highly likely that he will buy us again, so we should not leave him abandoned: we must impact him again. With remarketing the cost per acquisition of a campaign can be reduced tremendously.

A hyper-personalized message

Directing your campaign to a very specific audience is not only a good way to sell, but also to achieve new leads. This is something that we have already seen in political campaigns, in which they have directed their efforts to very specific people in very specific places where a handful of votes could change the result.

This hyper-personalization of ads is one of the main keys of network advertising, it is going a step beyond the segmentation of all life. It is no longer necessary for your ad to reach a specific audience, now each individual must receive a specific announcement to respond.

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