6 tips for a successful Dropshipping

Last week I explained what a It is an option that allows us to set up a store, greatly reducing expenses. In essence, it is about acting as an intermediary, reaching an agreement with wholesalers or small businesses so that they take charge of the Buy Lawyer Mailing Lists product and the shipment, which you only pay when an order arrives. This saves you the expense of provisions and storage.

This formula, as we saw, has great advantages beyond the fact that you save money. It is a model that is very easy to scale and also allows you to forget tedious tasks such as shipping and dealing with logistics companies. It also has disadvantages, since a failure of a supplier or a defective product can end up affecting the image of your brand. Also, if you have several suppliers, you can find an order that includes products from two of them, making your shipment more complicated.

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For all this, it  is a very interesting form of e-commerce , but contrary to what many may think, it is not free of risks. That’s why I want to tell you 6 tips for a successful Dropshipping.

6 tips for a successful Dropshipping

Study the profitability of the market

Yes, you will have less expenses, but that does not mean that you can throw yourself into the adventure as if nothing. You will have to set up a website, search for suppliers and advertise your store. That implies expenses (less than a traditional e-commerce, but expenses after all), time and effort. Do not trust yourself, study the market, demand and saturation, as with any business.

Negotiate directly with the official manufacturer or distributor

Going directly to the manufacturer or to an official distributor will allow you to negotiate with more freedom and adjust the price more while maintaining an acceptable profit margin, since you will avoid other intermediaries that also want their share of the pie.

Study thoroughly how your suppliers work

Even if the product and the shipment are made by them, do not forget that whoever gives the face to the customer will be your brand. That is why, if the product arrives bad or late, who is going to agree the customer is from your store, which is where you bought it. Make sure your partners are serious and that they comply with the agreement. A good way to do it is to order something for yourself and verify it yourself.

It is especially advisable to have several suppliers, in case you have problems or lack of stock. Remember – and remind your suppliers if necessary – that they are the ones who must take charge of the returns.

Take into account all possible extra costs

Depending on where your suppliers are, you may end up finding some costs that you might not have considered. If you are from outside the European Union, you may face tariffs or customs costs – which may also result in a longer delivery period than expected. Sometimes what comes from China can include these surprises.

Control the satisfaction of your customers

Achieving a client is always difficult, so if we have achieved one we should not lose it. The control of satisfaction is always important, but even more when there is as much out of our hands as in the case of Dropshipping. Through a call or a simple email you can have an idea of ​​the perception of your work and the mistakes that are being made. Loyalty is a fundamental part of the success of an online store: your competition is only a click away.

Have a good SEO strategy

Fundamental in any online store, but even more in a Dropshipping, since giving visibility to your product will be your main responsibility. Create a blog to work well on the keywords that interest you most and a newsletter with the latest news. Obviously, also have presence in social networks. Do not forget about   and integrate your store with  and  if possible.

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