Ahrefs launches a new tool to audit web pages

Analyze the SEO of a web page is not something far from simple. To begin, we must bear in mind that  to position the billions and billions of pages it indexes change constantly. This makes developing a tool to audit web pages a really complicated task.

Google uses hundreds of factors to position your website, ranging from the length and organization of the Buy Schools Mailing Lists content to the loading speed of the web, through the location and if the web is well optimized for mobile. Therefore, to audit the of a web manually is a job that requires a lot of time, and a good tool can be a fundamental aid.

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Most of those that can be found on the net look good at first glance, however you will discover that many of the points on which it is based are outdated, sometimes even for years, so that the result that returns us can have little to do with reality unless we want to take our DeLorean and plant ourselves in 2012.

This is the new tool for auditing Aweb pages 

The that Ahrefs has launched is a crawler (a  that will dive into all the files on your website) looking for strong points in your SEO, and above all, weak points. When you have done it, it will show you some very complete reports on what you can improve and how to do it.

It takes into account more than 100 aspects that Google and other search engines use to analyze web pages and show results in real time, so that while you analyze your website you can already work or at least give you a general idea of ​​the situation .

A powerful and customizable tool

The reports are displayed in a very general way, so you can have a global view of SEO of your page quickly and intuitively, but also download a great deal of detail, analyzing HTML tags, social tags, localization, inbound links of each page of your website or aspects related to CSS or Javascript.

Each aspect can still be analyzed in more detail in your individual report. Each metric can be configured individually to better suit your needs, so you can modify up to 150 parameters for each internal URL.

These tools are never cheap, although they are often worth it. In this case you can access a seven-day test for $ 7. Once it expires, its cost is $ 179 per month.

I hope this post answers you what tool to use to audit your website ?

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