Cocorico, the best solution for marketplaces of services

When we think of an online store, most of us think of something like Amazon or AliExpress, where we buy physical products. However, there are other types of stores that offer services. In this category we can find examples such as Airbnb, Uber or Blablacar. Although there are many, with much less abundant than the first, so sometimes developing them we find that finding the right tools for our needs is more difficult than we could think. That’s why today I want to talk about Cocorico , an open source tool that is the best solution for marketplaces of services .

It is a tool developed by the French company   that found precisely that problem: they did not have an adequate solution for the needs of their customers.  or even  can be adapted, but they are still designed to sell products, so you can find options that do not give you too much, such as stock controls and you can not find an optimal solution, for example, how to manage your calendar. The Hospital Mailing Lists fact that it is open source and available on means that anyone can create new modifications. Cocorico is based on , the  project more active at the moment, which guarantees you will find solutions for everything.

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What does Cocorico offer you?

Cocorico has focused tools to develop stores for any of these three types of business, covering almost any one you can think of:

  • B2C : business to customer , that is, from business to customer, the most usual type, in which the seller serves an individual.
  • B2B : business to business , which involves a transaction between two companies. Normally the amount to be paid is much higher, so the store must support any type of payment method and not simply credit card.
  • C2C . customer to customer , a category in which the so-called collaborative economy platforms or even the sale of second-hand products enter. You need very specific tools to create a climate of trust and to maintain the offer, since there is no traditional provider.

Some of the facilities offered by Cocorico are:

  • Simplified payment funnel : customers can pay you with just two clicks.
  • Cancellations and automatic reimbursements : it offers you two types, one more restrictive and the other more permissive.
  • Variation of the price according to the date.
  • Moderation of comments : allows you to configure it so that moderation is before or after publication.
  • Possibility of offering discounts in a simple way.
  • Automatic email notifications : reservations confirmations, reminders … also allows you to do them by SMS.
  • Set minimum and maximum purchases .
  • Geolocation : for example to automate the language.
  • Internal messaging for your customers to communicate with each other.

Of course, the design is totally , adapting to a computer, mobile or tablet. It also offers intuitive tools with which to improve SEO positioning of your pages. These are just some examples,  is huge.

From hotels for dogs to reservation of hours in a hairdresser, through the rent of electric bicycles. It is evident that Cocorico’s flexibility allows it to adapt to all types of reservation or rental services.

I hope this entry has been useful to start knowing the possibilities of Cocorico, maybe it is the best option for your store.

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