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Everyone in business knows that encouraging an existing customer to revisit and spend with a retail business is easier and less expensive than attracting a new customer. The challenge is to achieve this in a structured way which does not turn the existing customer away.

The first step in leveraging existing customers is to have a customer database.Many retail businesses do not have such a resource even though they see these regular customers every day. Smart retail businesses have a customer database which not only holds customer details but also records every purchase so that any marketing can be tailored to the buying habits of these customers company email address list.

For businesses yet to leverage their customer database, here are some basic tips which provide a good start:Capture the right details: customer name, email address, cell phone, street address, gender, age range and interests.

Source some free email software which enables you to send bulk emails without violating email requirements. This software should enable you to send images and attractive fonts suited to your business needs.
Develop a monthly newsletter as a first step and start emailing and mailing this to customers. While you will call this a newsletter, the document should be all about selling to your existing customers. Use coupon based offers to draw them back within the month to purchase specials.
Use email to send details of weekly specials and offers. Email is a more immediate and short term form of communication.
Good Point of Sale software will enable you to extract a database of customers based on the products they have purchased from you. Create a test campaign around a specific product or group of products and trial marketing to them with offers tailored to their known interest. This will test the appetite among your customers for a tailored marketing campaign.

Also using your sales database, look at the products which customers purchase together. It may be that the data analysis reveals customers buying multiple items in one sale which you had not noticed before. This new knowledge can help you more appropriately place products in-store. Since you know things are being bought together by some, placing them together will guide others to make the save decision.
The value of the customer database in any retail business is only limited by the imagination and energy applied to its use by the business. Start with some simple steps, test campaigns and measure results. Be guide by these results and take time to build a structured long-term approach to leveraging the customer database for real value in the business.

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