Discover the positioning of your website based on your keywords

SEO is one of the obsessions of any digital marketing strategist . And it is with a very good reason, since a good part of your traffic will come from Google. This is especially important if your website is an online store . In other types of pages (such as a blog) you can focus your strategy to capture traffic in, for example, social networks. But in the case of a store, search engines and Google in particular are essential. A very important part of the potential buyers will search there for the Sales Directors Email List product they want and appear in the top positions is essential. Therefore, today I want to talk about how to know the positioning of your website based on your keywords.

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You can not make a good strategy (or marketing or anything) without knowing what situation you are. In the case of , it is knowing where you are. It is essential to know it to know what you should improve, what you should reinforce and what margin you have. The first instinct is to do the search yourself and look for you, but unless you find yourself in the first pages, it can be a real Chinese task. Luckily, we have tools that allow us to analyze our positioning in the  (Search Engine Results Page, that is, the search engine results page).

How to use the SERP checker to analyze the SEO positioning of your website

Its use is really intuitive. We usually use  , which is free and gives very complete results. This tool allows you to choose the region in which to perform the search. That is, a search on, or maybe This can be especially useful if you have a page in a language that is spoken in multiple countries or a page in different languages. Thus, you can see the result of a search in Spain, in Argentina or Chile and check your positioning independently.

All you have to do is enter the domain of your website (only the domain, without the www or the http, for example, in our case it would be Then we enter up to 10 keywords and let you perform the analysis. You will return a result indicating our place on the Google page that we have requested.

It will also indicate the top 10 per keyword, allowing us to analyze our competition.

You can use the page without registering, but if we do, we will have some extra advantages, such as tracking our positioning in these words (keep in mind, however, that the free version will only be updated once a day, so that you can only do this follow up after 24 hours of your first consultation). It will indicate your current position, if you have gone up or down and what has been the best position. All accompanied with graphics that will make everything more understandable.

Although the free version is very powerful and sufficient for the vast majority, there is also a paid version that costs € 4.99 and allows you to increase the keywords to 600, and modify the frequency of updating the data, from the two hours until 30 days.

Details to take into account the result

Although these results are a great guide to see the health of your SEO, you should not take it at all as an absolute thing. You must bear in mind that the SERP results may vary according to some aspects, mainly:

  • Geographic location.
  • If you perform the search with mobile or desktop.

These two elements can radically change certain results. For example, searching for “restaurant” in Google in Madrid and Barcelona will change radically, but it will also be different if we do it in Sants or in Poble Nou.

In addition, they will also have an impact on the search, although less:

  • The time of day when the search is performed.
  • The user’s search history.

Therefore, it is possible that you find yourself in the situation of performing the search yourself and obtaining a different result, or that there are variations depending on the tool you use (if you compare Serplab with SEO Edge , for example). It is not that one of the two is wrong, it is simply that “your Google” is a little different.

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