How an attractive and effective product file should be for your online store

The product file is a fundamental aspect of an e-commerce, surely the most important. It fulfills the function of showcase and dependent. It has to call the Buy USA Insurance Leads Mailing Lists attention of the buyer,  and at the same time sincere about the product that is sold, solve your doubts about its characteristics, its use, quality, price and shipping conditions. So today I want to give you some clues on how to make an attractive product listing for your online store and help you buy.

But, in addition to everything I have mentioned before, a good  must also serve to  . Think that in many cases buyers will not search your page, but will search on Google. Appearing in the top positions is the dream of the entire Internet, so if you want to achieve it you will have to take care of every last detail.

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How should a product card be: the name

The name may be the first thing the prospective buyer finds, so it should be as detailed as possible, but at the same time it should not be excessively long. A good way to think about what name to put is to think about what an interested party will look for in Google on your product. Forget about technical names. If you have a backpack whose model is ST-Cuero-001, do not even think about putting it on. Put, for example, “Black Samsonite backpack for laptop”. This will help us to position it properly in search engines and will facilitate finding it also in the search engine of your store.

Photographs and videos

A key aspect in any online store. At this point should not be clarified, but put them is mandatory. With the competition that exists in the network, would you buy in a store that does not show you what you are paying for? Would you transmit confidence? But they also have to be very careful. We have talked a lot about  in this blog, it should show the product in detail and make it attractive.

Since the user will not be able to touch it before buying, show him all the possible angles.  (or hire a professional to do them), do not stay with the ones offered by the providers, or you will have the same photos as all your competitors. If you do not have the right equipment for this, I encourage you to try to take  .

And, of course, add all the ALT tags to improve your SEO.

Depending on the type of product you offer, you can not limit yourself to the typical photos of the product on a white background, you can show it in use or even make small videos explaining how it works, as a tutorial.

Product characteristics

Another fundamental pillar. Along with the images, it will be what transmits more information to the buyer. Analyze your target audience and write a text that fits what they expect. For example, if your audience is young you can use a fresh and carefree language, but if you sell industrial machinery to professionals it will be best to show you more technical. Try to transmit the maximum information, doing it by points can help you to make the distribution as synthetic as possible. But above all, empathize with your visitors speaking in their own language.

Use the keywords in their proper measure and it is recommended that they have more than 300 words, which is what Google likes. Oh, and again forget about using the ones provided by the provider, since you risk having the search engine punish you for duplicate content.

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