How to integrate your online store in Google Merchant

It’s almost an automatic gesture. We want to buy something, we go to Google and we look for it. In doing so, we see that the first thing that appears in the search results, even before AdWords, is a series of index cards with the Buy Payday Long Form Database product we have searched for. As you can imagine, appearing there can trigger your sales. That’s why today I want to explain how to integrate your online store in Google Merchant.

To give you an idea, get your products there, in the first line of the Google search, even above the paid results, can mean a huge boost to your sales. If you combine it with the  and with your you can make the growth of your store much faster.

Payday Long Form Database

We have always highlighted the importance of a good organic positioning. Well, look at one thing: when looking for a product  positioning appears in third place. This is enough to see the importance of Google Shopping . Not only appears in the first place, but also does it with photography and with the price. Everything invites you to buy.

Integrate your online store in Google Merchant: register in Google Merchant

The first step you must take to place your products in such a distinguished place of Google searches is to register in Google Merchant Center , the tool of the Mountain View with which they allow sellers to control all the information of your products.

The registration is simple, you must confirm your URL and then complete all the information you will ask and then upload the information of the products you want to show. If your catalog is very wide, it may not be worth it to do it with everyone. Enter the analytics of your store to see what products are most wanted and focus on them.

You can also link your Google Merchant account with your AdWords account . To do this, simply enter your Merchant account. From the menu on the left, go to ‘Settings’ and click on AdWords. There, enter your customer account. Then, you give him to link and ready.

Once this is done, you will see that when you create a new campaign you will see the “shopping” option.

Plugins to integrate your store in Google Shopping

Now, if your online store has a good number of products, the ideal is to integrate your store (be it woocommerce, prestashop, shopify or magento), automatically by installing a plugin that allows a fluid and direct connection with Merchant.

In this way, every time you make a change in price or content in the product listings or want to make a specific offer (for example rebates), the information will be published instantly in Google Merchant, instead of investing time modifying tab by file.

Here is a list of the plugins we have used in the development of our so you can use it when integrating your online store in Google Merchant.

We propose 4 plugins according to the most popular CMS.

How to make our products shine on Google Shopping

But again, there will be many people who want to be in those first places in the Google search, so it will not be enough to register in Google Merchant, that is something that thousands of competitors will do. For that reason, it is important that we take care of the tab that the search engine will show.

There are three fundamental aspects that we will have to take care of if we want our strategy of integrating your online store in Google Merchant to work. They are, in fact, three aspects that you should always take care of in your e-commerce, but it does not hurt to remind you of them:

  • Have some good images : we have repeated to infinity the importance of photography in a product file, but in this case you should bear in mind that the buyer will find himself before a carousel of images in which the two main elements he will have to decide in which press will be the image and the price.
  • A competitive price : in Google Shopping our product will appear only a few pixels away from the competition. If it is the same and yours costs less, what do you think the potential customer will click on?
  • Specific name : a key aspect so that the search engine and buyer can quickly identify the product. You have to identify the specific model in question, including the amount it includes if we are talking about drinks or creams.

If you did not know Google Shopping, I hope this post will help you discover it. And if you already knew it, I hope you learned how to get even more out of it when integrating your online store in Google Merchant.

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