How to manage Instagram from your computer

Instagram has become one of the most important social networks for any business, beating Twitter and in many cases also Facebook. It is an ideal showcase to display your products, essential for any fashion business or for any restaurant. That’s why today I want to explain how to manage Instagram from your computer .

Instagram is a service that was born in the middle of the revolution of the Buy Hospital Mailing Lists smartphone, unlike Facebook or Twitter, which saw the light when the computer was still the main way in which we connected to the network. It was born as an app and its web version has been in the background for a long time, and only in recent months has been relatively up to date, although the news continues to arrive with a lot of delay with respect to mobile applications. This for many people can be an inconvenience since they manage other social networks from their laptop and they have to change their device to manage Instagram. However, that is less and less necessary.

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Manage Instagram from the computer with your webapp

After years being claimed, Instagram launched in May 2017 a that allowed you to manage your account from any computer, either PC or Mac, something important but that went largely unnoticed. Until then the page allowed little more than to see the photos of your followers, give like and comment. Since then you can also upload photos and images, something that saves a lot of work when you have done the photos from a camera or you have wanted to edit it thoroughly with Photoshop or  without the limitations of its mobile versions, saving you the step of having to pass it to your mobile to publish it from there.

I told you it was very similar to doing it from your mobile, right? The best thing is that the web is also compatible with iOS and Android, so if you have edited a photo on your tablet you can also publish it from there. And you can also post Stories!

How to schedule Instagram posts

Okay, but what about scheduling publications? While the community managers who work with Facebook and Twitter have had the advantage for years of being able to leave the publications scheduled to come at the right time – with the enormous advantage in saving time that this implies – those who work with Instagram have had to content with creating drafts and put alerts on the mobile.

Instagram has always wanted to be a live social network, and its managers did not want to allow programming for fear of breaking that magic. However, after the purchase by Facebook, the photographic social network has become a , and the possibility of post programming became a necessity.

And finally they have listened to the companies. Since last January you can already program, yes, with some limitations:

  • You must have a company profile, not a personal one.
  • For now you can only program photos, not videos.
  • You can not do it directly from Instagram, you need an external service, such as . In both cases this possibility is available to those who use their free plans.

We assume that Instagram will soon launch its own tool to program from the application and from the web, since, in addition, announced that it is also preparing the option to schedule posts for those who have a personal account, although it will not be available until the beginning of 2019.

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