How to offer split payments in an e-commerce

To facilitate the purchase to the maximum is one of the best tools so that your sales grow. Everything in your store has to be focused on that goal: (today more mobile than ever), ease when finding the desired product, to know Jewelers Email Lists its characteristics, see how it is, know when you will receive it and a process of simple payment and, above all, that of trust. But in addition to being simple, you can go a step further to facilitate and further incentivize the sale: offer split payments in an e-commerce .

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The first thing you should do is assess if it is worth including this option, and this decision depends almost exclusively on the price range in which you operate. Obviously if your products are below 20-30 € you do not have to consider this option (although it can be used to .

However, in products of € 100 or more it can be a very interesting option to offer split payments in an e-commerce. For many people it is more comfortable to pay € 50 for three months than € 150 at a time. With this option you will also be attractive to potential clients who may not have all the money at that time, but who will have it. It can be an added value in front of your competition.

A very interesting platform for its ease of use and its compatibility with almost all platforms: WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento and Shopify are perfectly compatible, and works worldwide with MasterCard and Visa without problems.

For the user it is also simple and you do not need to register. When making the payment you can choose the traditional or fractionated with 0% interest, then choose the number of terms and have finished. For the seller it also has advantages, since it does not require any special payment gateway.

This option has a great advantage for the seller, and is that despite making the payment in installments, you will charge it in full at the time, leaving it to them to assume the risk. Buyers will have the option to split the payment up to 12 months.

It also does not need any kind of special registration. Of course, in this case they do charge a commission of 24.5% APR which will increase the cost for the client, but in a completely transparent way: your clients will know at all times how much they are going to pay. In this case the limit of the purchase that can be split will be € 2,500. For the seller there are fees that go as much as 1.5% if you finance € 10,000 per month

It also offers a customizable widget, so that in the same purchase button you can indicate how much they will pay in each term (that is, the typical “from € 25 a month). Another advantage it offers is the possibility of creating special campaigns.

Although it is not yet available in Spain, it is a service that deserves to be known and followed up, because it will surely take on great importance as it expands internationally – it is currently available in the US and the United Kingdom. . PayPal is already one of the most used forms of payment in the world and many electronic stores already integrate it, this facilitates and a lot the realization of a fractioned payment.

Keep in mind that PayPal Credit is not available by default for all buyers, you have to make a request that can be denied. Those who are accepted can make purchases of up to $ 150 in any online store that has integrated PayPal. They can pay it in installments of four months at 0% interest.

Facilitates payment with fraction payments in an e-commerce

Payment is one of the least pleasant parts when making a purchase and the fact that it is less painful will always make it more attractive. Even if the products you offer are not very expensive, the option to split the payment can always make it easier for potential customers to spend more, increasing the value of your average basket.

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