New e-book! How to get a successful online store

For some time now, every month we do the good exercise of publishing an  , in which we gather the best content that we publish on our blog, along with the Buy Investor Mailing List experience we have acquired in the different projects we develop as a  .

The goal is to help you make the best decisions when carrying out your project and make it known. In other words, make your life easier!   

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Well today is the third installment, and I confess that we are very happy because we want to share this achievement with you . For us, the exercise of publishing an eBook is an important learning process and, at the same time, it has meant a whole challenge of months developing content so you can have a unique document made with all the love for you.

Well yes, our third one is titled ” 

An eBook that gathers the practical and easy-to-apply ideas that will help you throughout the decision-making process, from the initial approach to the start-up and the strategy to publicize your eCommerce.

Putting a store on the Internet is not something magical. Many people believe that being within reach of all your product, you have assured sales, that the magic of the network will bring you visits and sales, sales, sales and more sales.

But the truth is that it is not like that, on the contrary. On the internet you have competition, a lot of competition. In a physical store, there are many people who will enter by simple curiosity to go past and see the window, but that will not happen on the network. You will have to go look for your buyer.

SEO strategies, social networks, Google AdWords, blogs … the possibilities are thousands, but you have to know which channel is best suited to the product you want to sell, you must know them thoroughly and know how to get the most out of them, and do it with a lot of perseverance.

Design, SEO, photography … the keys to a successful online store

In addition, you must take extreme care of the design of your page. If something is easy on the Internet is to find your competitors, so if your website does not load fast, is not easy to navigate or does not use the right colors your potential customer will take the mouse to the address bar and leave your store .

In addition, your competition is not only the stores of the network, but also the physical stores. Your customers will not be able to touch or see the product, so the photographs that you offer them should supply this defect. You should make them feel that they have it in their hands, show them an attractive product, but at the same time reflect exactly what they are going to buy. You do not want to become a meme of those “when you buy it in Ali-Express / when it arrives”.

For more complication, you should bear in mind that your service does not end when the customer presses the “buy” button, but extends to the delivery period (finding a good courier service may not be so easy) and good post service -sales in case of incidence or want to return the product.

The challenge of getting a successful online store is much more complex than it seems, but we are willing to give you the keys to make your life easier.

In this e-book you will find:

  • What you need to keep in mind when launching your e-commerce
  • What content strategies can you use to attract buyers
  • Usability and design tips for your clients to want to return
  • We solve technical questions, which platform is the best? What server should I hire?
  • How to manage sales and how to increase the value of the average basket

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