The 10 best designs in December e-commerce

In 2017 we saw a huge amount of new stores and old stores that have been redesigned to adapt to the USA Insurance Leads Mailing Lists latest market trends and to try to solve some problems in an innovative way. One of the best ways to get a well designed e-commerce is to see what others do.

Throughout this year we have shown you some lists with websites, stores and blogs whose design we liked, surprised and inspired. Therefore, now that we are facing the end of the year, I want to offer you a small top with the best designs in e-commerce that have most caught my attention. 

USA Insurance Leads Mailing Lists

They are the following. If you boast of having the strongest coffee in the entire network you must have a brand and a lousy image according to your product. Death Wish Coffee achieves this, and always keeping the product in the foreground, being able to start the purchase from the very top of the web and dedicating a slider to some of the best reviews received, something that can be a good resource when the product you offer in your store is very specific. The home of this shop of wallets, bags and backpacks is very traditional, however when browsing the web we will find many details that make each product page a unique page and carefully adapted to show the best of the product without breaking the image of the store. The videos that can be found throughout the web, showing with humor and rhythm the advantages of their purses and bags, are also worth mentioning. Selling food through the web is not something simple, since it is a product that can suffer a lot due to the conditions and duration of the shipment and many users may have doubts. You must transmit an image of maximum confidence and Patagonia Provisions achieves it thanks to a very careful and clear design, with a lot of information about their products, very elaborate photos and videos about their elaboration. If a clothing brand has managed to capture the imaginary of the millennial generation, it is undoubtedly Obey, which has even inspired street art. The online store of the brand has managed to transmit its spirit to the web giving a great weight to black and white and choosing very well when to add a touch of color. And evidently, putting their products in the front row. Selling just one product – or just a handful – does not mean you can not have a game design, and Nextbit proves it. The company founded by the creator of Android has a unique smartphone model and a series of accessories for him. The flagship product dominates the header, and devote a full page to its virtues. They also play with accessories to perform cross-selling. A watch is a very personal product, and Tinker Watches elevates that idea to the maximum allowing you to build one to your liking. It has a very intuitive editor that gives you various options of size, material and colors of the strap -which also shows the variation of the price in real time- and see what the watch will look like when you receive it.

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