The 10 best ecommerce of April

As you know, surfing ecommerce around the world is one of the things I like to do the most. Not only to find new toys in which to spend the Buy VP Accountant Email Lists money, also to find new ideas to apply to my pages and those of my clients. These are some of the best e-commerce of the month of April. This ecommerce can dislodge a little at first, since most of us are not used to this system of rotating cards, but the truth is that they manage to create a very fluid and elegant browsing experience, very much in keeping with the image that the brand wants to convey. It has the advantage that it is an ecommerce with a reduced catalog, so you can allow certain experiments without compromising the usability of the site. The adventure and the photography are two concepts that are very united and at the same time very fought. On the one hand it is a great opportunity to take snapshots, on the other hand we want our precious cameras to be protected.

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 This ecommerce manages to combine both concepts. It is a camera bags store, placing great emphasis on the idea of ​​adventure, something that puts the image in the foreground. It does a great job as far as the product file is concerned, showing not only the exterior, but also the interior detail and how the material can be distributed.

This brand of shoes from New Zealand has wanted to bet on sheep’s wool (a very common animal on the island) for your product. To convey a spirit of adventure, he has opted for images of his product in open spaces, but also for a large number of animations. It is a great example of how to use video content in an online store. And another great idea: offer to refund the money if you are not satisfied with the product. This conveys a great security to the buyer and facilitates to convince him to go through the box.

Many are the brands that want to transmit a transgressive and gaudy image, but few achieve it as Black Milk, taking the irreverent spirit of their models to the web, especially thanks to a photography very worked and with a huge relevance on the web. The product sheets are also very well worked, showing how they are put with other clothes and showing them in suggestions.

Another brand of backpacks. In this case Huru has a single model, so you can allow the entire home to highlight the benefits of your bag. As you go sliding down, a side scroll will show you all aspects: waterproof, capacity, harnesses … sliding down and see that the web moves to the side is a little strange, but also gives you a magic point to the web. And in the upper corner, always visible, the buy button.

Many times you do not need a very complex store. Moreover, most times simplicity is a huge virtue that is very undervalued. This store offers four models of hats and for this you only need four pages and a buy button. Simple, beautiful and functional. And photographs with bokeh effect, obviously.

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