The 10 best ecommerce of February

As you know, at Diligent we love surfing the net to find new and surprising ways to solve those problems that we find ourselves with every day who design web pages. The Buy Physician Email Lists world is full of exceptional designers and people who are willing to take great risks, and there is nothing like seeing what they do, taking notes and learning from them. And that’s why we bring you the best ecommerce of the month of February.

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We started with this sensational website of a Mallorcan hotel that manages to transmit with the design of its website the peace and tranquility that anyone expects from rural tourism, thanks to brown tones and clean design. The photographs support this emotion, while the menu for booking a room is well visible and intuitive. We have always said that the product should be in the foreground of your website , but that does not necessarily mean that the product is exactly what you sell. In Shopskin they have understood it perfectly: they do not sell creams, they sell perfect skins. And that’s what we found when entering your store, no boring pots, they show results. The boats are only a click away, when you have seen what they are capable of doing. If you sell a product so original that the public and that the public may not be accustomed to it, your website has to explain it quickly and at a glance. In My Bean About they have given a turn to the typical puff, giving it an even more ergonomic shape and also easy to transport. Maybe you have never needed (or will need) a backpack puff, but explain to the user with a slider what makes your puff different from others is a web design lesson . Sometimes the market of certain niches is so saturated that you must sell a spirit, like the animation that receives you in MSGM , an explosion of furniture that transmits in a crazy roller coaster what you want to achieve with the design of your clothes. With a single click, visible but without disturbing the message, you have access to the product, perfectly categorized and with product photos that show how it is put and in combination with other garments. Ideal for cross-selling. The store of this Danish brand is an example similar to the previous one, but it shows how the same concepts are used for a completely different brand. The design of the web also conveys the extravagant and colorful point of its garments, but at the same time a less hooligan and more classic tone. As in the previous case, it also shows your garments with model and in combination with other garments conveniently linked. This website is a fantastic example of the use of parallax, also known as  , to take advantage of color and flat design while giving dynamism to the web, in which it gives the feeling that the content and the background they move at different speeds. The chocolates are an ideal product for something like this (everyone associates different colors of packaging to different chocolates!). The web manages to provide personality to each product and at the same time give rich and clear information about each one.

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