What are the Facebook Dynamic Ads and how to implement them

Wherever you look there will be an announcement. In a browser tab, among the Spotify songs, in a YouTube video or in the bus marquee. This advertising bombing has caused a large part of people to have developed the VP Accountant Email Lists so-called “advertising blindness”, that is, a superhuman ability to ignore advertisements. On the Internet it is estimated that it can reach up to 85% in case, for example, of banners. To avoid this, it is not enough for us to increase the number of ads, we must make better announcements, or at least better ones for each user. That’s why today I want to talk about Facebook Dynamic Ads.

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It is a tool that makes available to us the Mark Zuckerberg social network that will allow us to advertise our products in the most appropriate way for each user. For this, Facebook allows you to upload the database of your store, add different descriptions and properly configure the Facebook pixel. From there, you will find people who have shown interest in your page or product and will show the format that best suits your profile. Traditionally, Facebook has not had the ability to convert its impacts into sales with the effectiveness of Google Ad Words for a simple detail: when you enter Facebook you do not do it with the idea of ​​buying, but when searching on Google, yes. That does not mean, however, that it is an exceptional remarketing tool, since in this case the ad will not be based on the keywords, but on the behavior of the user. And that is what makes the Facebook Dynamic Ads a powerful tool.

How to set up the Facebook Dynamic Ads

To configure them, four steps are enough:

  • Upload your products to your Facebook page, if you have not uploaded them already (you should do it!). If your site has been developed with one of the Facebook partners (Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce) this step is almost automatic.
  • Set theor the  if what you have is an application. The   are Search, View Content, Ad To Cart and Purchase. This will help you find possible errors.
  • Configure your dynamic template You can focus on a single product or choose several of the offers, as well as configure it for the newsfeed or for the column on the left. They are also adaptable to all devices. Your options are huge.
  • Start your campaign

These ads have several advantages: by taking the information directly from your store there are no discrepancies in price or stock, and also to know the activity of the user in your store will not show ads for products already purchased.

Who can you run the Facebook Dynamic Ads

With everything we have done, we have a great advantage: knowing what the user has done in our store. In this way we can configure different ads for different people :

  • Those who have seen the product but have not purchased : 96% of users do not buy a product the first time they visit a store, but you can convince them if you teach the bait a little more.
  • Those who have added the product to the basket and have not purchased : remember, as the typical email remembering that they have an abandoned cart. and  techniques : if they have already trusted you, you can offer them products that complement or improve what they already have.
  • New customers : if they do not know your brand, it will not be so effective to teach them directly the product, you will need something more emotional that invites them to meet you.

I hope this post has helped you to better understand what are the Facebook Dynamic Ads .

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