What impact will the new Facebook algorithm have?

On the Internet we have experienced some moments that seemed like they were going to change the Engineers Mailing Lists network forever, as when, in 2015, Google decided that the pages that were not well adapted to the mobile would lose positioning. Many people began to refer to this moment as . Finally the impact was not so much, nor has it been the various changes that YouTube has suffered. Now it’s a new Facebook algorithm that promises to change the world forever. The Facebookgeddon.

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In recent years,  has become a very important source of traffic and visibility for brands and publications. But now the social network has announced a very profound change that implies a return to the origins: the Facebook news feed will only show publications of our friends, relegating the pages to another tab.

Failing to see how the people of Mark Zuckerberg solve the visibility of the new tab, it seems clear that we are facing the death, or a very serious injury, of organic reach. Nor is it something that should surprise us, since in recent months we have seen how it was reducing very quickly and many of the publications reached less than 2% of your community.

Facebook’s new algorithm wants to take care of your product

This return to the origin of Facebook has as a clear objective to try to increase either the traffic or the time spent by users on its website, or perhaps recover its position as the social network in which we share our life with friends and family, something that in recent years has moved more to  or Snapchat, while the Facebook wall has become an anarchic mix of ads, news, viral videos, leaving our contacts in the background. We do not know what Zuckerberg has seen in his metrics (we’d like to see them!), But it’s clear that something he did not like.

Facebook is free, and when they offer you a free service it is that the product is you. If people stop entering the social network, they will run out of product to offer their advertisers and that is a serious problem. The question that remains is whether a simple return to the origins is enough to recover the appeal for the public. The idea of ​​sharing our life and special moments through Facebook was what made him become the monster he is today, however that was a decade ago, it was the novelty and we were not as concerned about our privacy as today. In 2018 it will probably do much more than a simple change of algorithm to recover that charm, so it is possible that Facebook backfires and loses more users when they find a practically desert wall.

Facebook can not forget advertisers (and will not)

It is clear that taking care of your product is a fundamental part of any business, but it is also taking care of the customer, and before the change in Facebook strategy we can not forget that the ones who pay for the party are the advertisers. In general, Facebook is very little transparent with its news and usually announces them giving very little room for maneuver. However, it seems that this change will not affect the paid publications, which will continue to appear on the wall.

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