What is the Symfony php Framework: features and benefits

A few weeks ago we told you about Cocorico , a fantastic solution for online stores that offer services instead of physical products. Although at first glance it may not seem like it, there is a huge difference between one type of business and another (it is not the same to manage a stock of shoes as, for example, the Buy Canadian CFO Email Lists availability of a room). However, although there is a huge amount of tools to develop stores for physical products, there are not as many for services. Right now we are developing a new project using and we are discovering many of its advantages. One of them is that it uses the Symfony php Framework , and that is precisely what I want to talk about.

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It is a framework developed in 2005 by  (and updated regularly since then, the last stable version is September 11, 2017).  works with an open source license, that is, its development does not only depend on the company that launched it, but it also has a huge community that contributes ideas and work in its development, being one of the most active of the moment. In addition, having been developed in php is compatible with most database managers, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server and can be run on Unix-based platforms (Linux, Android, MacOS or iOS) as in Windows

What is the Symfony Framework and what are its main characteristics?

  • Its MIT license allows you to create applications, including commercial ones, free of charge.
  • It is very easy to install and configure on most systems.
  • It can be adapted for most projects, although it is designed for large web applications, it can also be used for smaller ones.
  • It allows easy change of  in any phase of the project.
  • The developer only needs to configure what is not conventional.
  • The code is very easy to read.
  • It is very easy to extend thanks to the integration of third-party libraries.
  • It has a very powerful command line that allows to save working time.

The advantages of Symfony

  • It is extremely flexible : it adapts to almost any need, allowing only the parts required for the project to be installed instead of the entire framework.
  • It is tremendously expandable : according to , it is the most active php project, which guarantees you to find packages for practically any functionality.
  • It is a stable system: Laboratorios Sensio guarantees that each version of Symfony will receive support (updates and troubleshooting) for three years, as well as compatibility with the secondary versions.
  • A fast system that consumes little memory : Symfony has been developed with the idea of ​​offering high performance applications, it is faster than other frameworks using half of memory.
  • Ease of use : Thanks to the large amount of documentation and tutorials that can be found on the web, any professional or advanced user can quickly learn the most basic Symfony concepts. For this he has taken the best ideas from his competitors, such as Ruby on Rails or Django.

I hope this entry has helped you to know a little better the Symfony Framework, the framework that is behind Cocorico.

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