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12 tricks to get your first 50 contacts on Linkedin

“How can I get contacts on Linkedin?” This is the question most asked by my uninitiated friends. This post goes for them. Basic. Let’s focus on the basics. In the actions necessary to start expanding your network of contacts on Linkedin.

  1. Keep your profile updated.
    If you open your profile on Linkedin, keep it updated. There is nothing Kuwait Email List sadder than dirtying your personal brand image (I recommend you visit the page of Dan Schawbel, Personal Branding guru) with negative values ​​such as laziness, laziness, pasotism, disorganization.

Do not run so much. If you decide to enter Linkedin, get organized first. Plan your time. Your profile needs you to spend a little time on it every day. Be disciplined, get organized, find time. When you find it, open your profile and fill it out.

  1. Professional above all else.
    Your target are professionals. Speak conversationally but not too casually. Linkedin is not a social network of friends. It is a social network of professionals Kuwait Email List. A network of work. Develop your approach from your proposal as a professional, without being excessively formal, but avoiding excessive colleague, especially in your posts of participation in group debate or answering open questions. Your company signature is under your name. Communicate aligned with your brand identity. Be real, but professional. Your audience is too. Keep the professional perspective first and foremost.
  2. Write in the first person.
  3. Relaxed formality.

Include a photo on your profile. A profile without a photo generates mistrust. Upload a real photo. Avoid funny avatars (Linkedin will delete it as soon as it sees it) I have read posts from marketers criticizing this, I personally do not understand these criticisms.

I propose that you visualize the following situation:

You are sitting in your office, you are waiting Kuwait Email List for the visit of a supplier or potential client, you do not know him. He has asked you to visit by phone and you have seen it interesting. When the visit arrives, he is disguised as Peter-Pan (mask included). Do you find it funny? NOT IN THIS CONTEXT.

You are working. You expect seriousness and formality. Our working time is very valuable for jokes. There are times for seriousness and times for confetti. A costume is not the right package to convey confidence in the business world, no matter how creative we all are.

Likewise, if the visit arrives in a fraq and a top hat, we will not feel very comfortable either.

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The attitude on Linkedin should be one of relaxed formality.

  1. Participate in groups.
    Join groups aligned with your business sector and participate Kuwait Email List. Use the search engine and find those groups where your target is talking. Request to enter and then participate. You will meet professionals in your sector. Suppliers and potential customers. Participates. Display your knowledge. Show them that you know what you’re talking about. Focus on the topic of discussion. If you do not know very well what to answer, nothing happens, do not participate in that specific debate. But read it, follow it and learn.

Participate in various groups. Belonging to a Linkedin group will allow you a request to join your contact network for a member of the same group.

When you are reading the profile of a member of that group and you are interested in adding it to your network, click “add the contact to my network”, a dialog box opens in which Linkedin asks you to show what you know the contact, click In the groups option Kuwait Email List, a submenu will open with all the groups that you share with the contact, click on the group in which you have had the most interaction and Linkedin will allow you to send the request to join your network.

  1. Never send a request to join your network of contacts to someone who does not know you!

I think we’ve all done it and we’ve all screwed up. It does not work. If you read a commercially palatable profile, relax, find ways to establish contact. No hurries. This is not a sprint, it is a long distance race. See in which groups it participates, if there is one aligned with your business Kuwait Email List proposal (probably) enter the group and participate. Let your name, your answers, your posts ring a bell. Come closer. Show him that you know what you’re talking about. Earn their trust. Once the contact is established through the interaction in the group, send the request to join your network and explain in the request message why it is interesting (for him or her) that you are connected.

You can also see who has viewed your profile and access their profile to see who it was. Read the profile, it may be someone interesting.

  1. Save the price list.

You already have the desired profile in your network. It has cost you yours. Don’t screw it up now by sending it the price list in the first message. To accept your request, the target-profile will have entered your profile. You know what you do. Keep interacting with him in the same tune as when you were groupmates. Answer posts in the group. Send him interesting articles Kuwait Email List. If you have a blog, send it your articles. Keep building the image of the expert before him. If he ever needs services like the ones you offer, you are probably in his Top-of-Mind. That is the goal. Get into your Top-of-Mind. Do not close a trade.

  1. Use the search engine, find groups, people and companies in your geographical area.
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If you are dedicated to a business with a defined geographical area of ​​influence, look for your network of potential contacts using the internal Linkedin search engine. Look at the list of search results, read the profiles, the company file. If the profile is interesting, see which groups it belongs to.

If you are not in the group, but the group aligns with your business proposal, join it. You may enter and your target profile does not participate regularly Kuwait Email List. You will not be able to establish contact through interactions in discussions. In this case, I recommend that you carefully read the profile of your target.

  1. Create your own discussion group.

Believe it and keep it active. Focus on the subject of the group and lay, in the first post, the basis for participation. Submit articles of interest (without hassle) related to the group’s topic; if you have a blog, send your articles (without hassle) Share interesting news. Be useful to your network of contacts.

  1. Participate in the open questions.

Read the open questions. If you have something to say, do not hesitate, answer. It is not an informal forum. There are groups with level participants, leveling in some. To hang up some bullshit, stand still. If you have something to say, structure your message. Cure it. Then hang it up.

If the user who has opened the debate with the question, decides that your answer is the best, Linkedin scores you as an expert. Attention! Once the answer is posted, do not modify it, because it cannot be selected as a winning answer. It happened to me, and it hurts a lot.

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Be dynamic, be part of the community.

It is very gratifying to read when your answer has helped another professional of your same level or higher. When other reputable professionals Kuwait Email List take your judgment into account, they read your answers. It is rewarding and gives encouragement and confidence to continue fighting in the off world. It happens to me. What about you?

  1. Recommend members of your professional network.

Recommending a member of our network of contacts on Linkedin is a fundamental action to complete our profile with 100%. We must also get them to recommend us. Once the contact is established, with several interactions, we can recommend someone (with criteria and honesty) and request that they later recommend us. It was trick number 13. We will leave it in an appendix to keep number 12, a rounder number and far from ominous suspicions.

  1. Use the Widgets.

It has several. These are the ones I use. If I had a SlideShare presentation I would also install the SlideShare widget to locate the presentation on my profile.

Polls: To post polls on your profile. The questions will appear on the right side of the home page of your Linkedin. I have used it. I think it is a good tool Kuwait Email List, although the participation in my survey has been very poor. Probably I was wrong with the content of the survey, the survey was: Do you think social media can increase business in the medium term (1 year)? I still do not see it so bad, but my network of contacts has shown me that it is not a subject for which they bother to vote. At least I have learned something. Trial and error. We continue.
Company Buzz: For example, I have the nom de guerre of our agency The TakeOne Movement in quotes, any Twitter post in which we appear appears in the Company Buzz Widget on the right side of the home page of your Linkedin.
Blog Link: You can link your blog to this gadget and the linkable headlines of your articles will appear on the right side of the home page of your Linkedin.
There are other professional social networks. I know Xing or Plaxo. The first has a difficult interface. The second, in my opinion, visually enhances Xing and turns the experience of being inside into something, if nothing else, pleasant. But it is very disturbing. It hangs quite a bit.

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