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4 Steps to Your Marketing Plan

Strategies for getting customers and promoting your business are key to getting your business moving. If you get into a routine of working on goals, you will create a system and your growth will be organized and planned. In such a way that he does not work Comoros Email List only to supply his basic needs month after month or to “maintain himself” but also so that he can achieve profits, which is what all entrepreneurs want.

These are insurmountable steps to take if you want to design a marketing plan for your small business. These same steps should be considered in all areas, since the company must grow in a sustained and balanced way and not just in a single area.

The areas or departments that manage small companies and that give rise to the business structure are: Administration, Marketing and Sales, it is usually combined or almost to think that the small company only sells, but it is important that small entrepreneurs think Comoros Email List about marketing as a fundamental action that they must carry out, which gives them focus, organization and above all creativity when selling their products.

4 elements for the marketing plan

  1. Determine Your Goals:
    in terms of time, money and also achievable or real. The objective is not to have a goal to have it, but rather to have a planned-mind and according Comoros Email List to the capabilities of your company, your resource, your time and infrastructure you can achieve.

Example: an importer of beauty products in the US, set a financial goal within 3 months of increasing 25% of its profits.

  1. Define your goals:
    Each goal has objectives and these are complementary to our financial goals.
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Example from the same company:

Evaluate and control your operating costs
Achieve a negotiation with your suppliers Comoros Email List that would allow you to obtain a 5% reduction in their prices.
Design product promotion packages for your distributors.
Get new distributors.

  1. Define the Strategy:
    By visualizing and defining our goals, we create the strategy to meet the goals. described above.

Same company example:
There are two aspects to the objectives proposed by the company
3.1. Inside the business
Costs and negotiation with suppliers
Strategy # 1.
Develop a balance sheet and profit and loss of the company Comoros Email List to analyze the costs and also where we can lower them.

With providers:
Identify the products that we sell the most (how useful does it leave us)
Identify the products that leave the highest% of profit (if they sell well or not)
Re-negotiate prices by getting a discount for increasing volume in the products Comoros Email List that we sell the most and promoting those that leave us more useful to increase sales.

3.2. Outside
Direct customers (distributors)
Promote the products that make us more useful
Create promotions or activities to promote the product
Structure a budget-friendly communications campaign involving distributors to share the cost of the campaign.

  1. Actions:
    They are the biggest task in an entire marketing Comoros Email List plan and it is on which the entire plan falls.

“Each strategy generates a series of actions, that is why we must be very clear about the objectives we want to achieve in order to draw up the strategy and therefore the actions to fulfill them.”

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Virtualize Your Company
The Internet is changing the way of doing business, it is imperative that Latino businesses identify and recognize the needs to “Virtualize your Company.” There are several myths and misconceptions regarding the Internet and much ignorance of the strategies Comoros Email List and tools that the network offers us.
Having an online presence is not just having a website, it is designing a marketing plan that will lead you to meet your goals, create your strategies, define your quarterly, monthly and daily objectives. It is to define specific products that satisfy buyers who make decisions in the network, who have a different behavior than those who go to their businesses.

In the virtualization process, you must identify those who have enough knowledge to develop these strategies and also choose a good technical Comoros Email List support to ensure that our entire online process works perfectly. Likewise, it is necessary to have the logistical and operational resource that satisfies that new client, it is to focus all our processes to supply that new distribution channel.

Technology is constantly changing and owners of companies, restaurants, beauty salons and other industries who do not know what the actions are or what virtualizing Comoros Email List the company implies, must prepare TODAY, because tomorrow can be too late. Entrepreneurs who do not prepare, who do not use the Internet to promote their businesses, is tending to disappear if a Latino business does not have an active presence on the Internet,

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