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About Buying Your Products

This week on The Impulse Show, Eduardo explains step by step how to create a marketing funnel to convert those visitors that are already coming to your website into interested leads, qualified leads, and finally into loyal customers. Defining the marketing funnel A marketing funnel is made up of different stages that the consumer goes through on their shopping journey, from their first interest in solving a problem to post-sale, when they become (or not) an evangelist of your brand. This process focuses on turning that visit into a happy customer. Marketing Funnel Stages Funnel_Inbound.png Exposition In this first stage, the consumer is exposed to your business, either because they found it in a Google search or because someone recommended it on social networks.

If you want to know how to drive more visitors to your website, check out episode #5 where we cover it in depth . Discovery At this stage, your website already has visitors, and what you need to do with them is to convert Kuwait whatsapp number list them into contacts that you store in your databases and nurture soon. How do you do it? Offering them content of interest that can be downloaded, such as an ebook, a guide, a free Premium content that is so irresistible that people are willing to exchange their data to obtain it. Consideration After having consumed your content and being much more sure of what type of product or service could solve their concerns, these contacts are now looking for the alternatives that suit them best. In this stage, you need the leads to know the characteristics of your products or services,

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and thus be able to raise the interest of the lead in your brand. Action This stage is where the contact finally becomes a customer, this is where you need to apply a nutrition strategy through emails that reinforce their purchase decision, remember not to be invasive as they will probably see you as spam. customer relationship One of the greatest benefits of an Inbound Marketing strategy is that you can strengthen the relationship with the customer, through direct and sincere communication where they express their happiness or any doubts with the product or service they have ordered. Retention There is nothing more certain than a satisfied customer will attract more customers. And this is what this stage tries to achieve, where through a content strategy.

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you continue to nurture your client so as not to lose his interest over time. Now that you know how to create a marketing funnel , remember to do analysis at all stages so you can correct mistakes and reinforce positive results. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss all the episodes of The Impulse Show. Do you want to know how to design a marketing and sales funnel yourself that will help you generate more satisfied customers for your business? Download our free guide here At Impulse we think of the sales funnel as a delicious pizza, where each ingredient is added to fulfill a specific mission, which together make us obtain a memorable result. Before we get any hungrier, I’ll explain how you can effectively include this sales funnel in your Inbound Marketing strategy .

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Need To Persuade Think Of All

The concept of “sales funnel” is not something alien to. Those of us who work in the world of marketing, it is a series of. Strategies that aim to attract and nurture prospects. From the top of the funnel to their final conversion at its lowest point. If you are wondering how to put these concepts into practice. Here are the 5 sales funnel elements that have brought us the best results. To attract… 1. Blogging How to have customers if nobody visits. Your website? Having a content blog allows you to show users who did not know you. All the knowledge you have in your field and start educating them so that they trust and bet on you.

These contents will not only attract a larger audience. But the traffic you get will be truly interested in what you are offering. How do you reach those new users. Each blog post or article is a new page within your website that has. The opportunity to position you in search engines like Google. Users who find this content useful can share it among their contacts. Or social networks, which will also increase the exposure of your brand to many more people. We work together with Columbia creating a content channel where. They share useful information for young people who are looking. To study a career related to tourism. And guess what? It has been a complete success, this strategy has helped them take. The consumer by the hand at all stages of purchase.

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