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Brand image in Internet marketing

One of the important aspects frequently forgotten when starting a business or enterprise is the creation of the brand image Latvia Email List. This is not surprising, as the concept of “branding” is in common use among marketers and communicators, but unfamiliar to the general public.

The first aspect to consider is the fact that advertising your own product or service dryly and “as is” is not a valid strategy. In the market and through communication, each enterprise needs to differentiate itself, in such a way as to provide added value to what it offers Latvia Email List. This added value is nothing other than the brand. Building a clear brand image enables consumers to choose us based on intangible attributes, hence the importance of forging a recognizable and attractive spirit or identity.

The ABC of web marketing
Today, every startup or company builds a space on the Internet. Website, blog and social networks are the most frequent resources and can already be considered basic and unavoidable to achieve a web marketing presence, because the competition that you may have will surely be using them or planning to use them. Hereinafter we will point out a series of tips to keep in mind with regard to brand image on the Internet:

  • A consistent brand image. Because the presence of our brand will be distributed on many web pages and supports, which may include those already mentioned (main website, blog, social networks), plus others (mobile, web applications, banners, mailing), it is essential to maintain a coherence in communication. This coherence can be achieved from Latvia Email List distinctive design features (logo, typography, colors), as well as the wording (tone of communication, layout of the text).
  • Seriousness is not always necessary, professionalism is. Internet users tend to distrust the content they find, and with good reason. Whatever the activity or product that you offer and especially in the case that online shopping is allowed, professionalism must prevail in communication, so that the consumer has full assurance that he can trust the prestige of the company Latvia Email List. Mark. Notes in journalistic media, a large number of “fans” on Facebook and flattering comments from clients on the blog can be an excellent contribution in this regard. In some cases, there are even prestigious online media that make it easy to send your own news.
  • The Design, the image itself. Design is one of the main letters of presentation of your company, and in this field the word “image” takes on its most literal meaning. This point usually generates many doubts on the part of entrepreneurs, because there is a wide range of prices and design services, which can confuse even the most determined of entrepreneurs. Luckily lately the task has been simplified thanks to sites dedicated to logo design.
  • Common sense. We cannot fail to mention one of the fundamental factors of communication: common sense, which will allow us to overcome many foreseeable obstacles, and save the many consequent hassles. Common sense is what tells us, for example, which domain name, of which our company may have, is easier to remember. Or that your own domain is much more professional than staying as a subdomain of WordPress or Blogspot. Thanks to Latvia Email List, you can download the WordPress structure and host it on any hosting, being able to later adapt it to your needs with countless free plugins that are available.
  • Social networks. Currently, it can be said that 50% of web marketing necessarily goes through social networks, especially the most popular ones, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Well used, social networks allow to enhance any communication and spread the brand to unlimited extremes. Integrating our website with them allows us to interact with users and get to know them better. An interesting tool in this sense and that simplifies the task is Wibiya, a bar that can be integrated into any website and allows the Internet user permanent accessibility during all navigation.
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Considering these guidelines will allow us to consolidate a brand image that will not only make our product or service recognizable and distinguishable from the competition, but will also promote consumer loyalty. Branding has become a fundamental aspect of today’s Internet Latvia Email List, in which the network of networks has “reduced” the world, in such a way that we and our competition are just a click away.

Basic Marketing Plan [Model to fill out]

Market: past, present and future
Review the changes experienced by the market, which may include:

Market share.
Factors that affect.
Market Inflections.
Market cycle
Market cycle
Product definition
Describe the product Latvia Email List or service that is being offered to the market.

Competition overview
Provide an overview of the product’s competitors.

Competitor A

Competitor product strengths
Weaknesses of the competitor product
Competitor product strengths
Weaknesses of the competitor product
Competitor B
Product comparison and market position
Market position of the product or service

Accurately define the product in your market Latvia Email List and relative to your competitors over time.

Specify the position of each competing product relative to the new product.

Product position in the market
Promises to the consumer
Summarize the benefits that the product or service will bring to the consumer.

Communication strategies
Message depending on the audience it is intended for

List the marketing Latvia Email List messages for different audiences.

Target consumer demographics
List the demographics of your target consumer groups.

Launch strategies
Launch plan

Explain the launch plan if the product Latvia Email List is to be announced.

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Budget for promotion
Provide supporting material with detailed budget information for review.

Promotional activities program
Launch of the product to the market
Public relations strategy and execution
Explain the following points:

PR strategies
Highlights of the PR plan
Alternative PR plan, including editing calendars Latvia Email List, presentation talk commitments, conference schedule, etc.
Advertising strategy and execution
Please specify:

Summary of the strategy.
Overview of the media and distribution over time.
Summary of advertising spending.
Other promotional activities
Direct marketing

Please specify:

Summary of the strategy, communication vehicles and their distribution over time.
Summary of response objectives, stated goals and budget.
Marketing by third parties
Describe the coordinated marketing Latvia Email List agreements established with other companies.

Marketing programs
Describe other promotional programs.

Packaging and realization
Product packaging


Size, price, appearance and strategy.
Issues of realization and delivery of the elements not included directly in the packaging of the product.
Cost of merchandise
Summarize the cost of the goods and include a general bill of materials.

Prices and policies

Summarize specific prices or pricing strategies and compare them to similar products.

Outline relevant policies for understanding key issues influencing pricing.

Distribution strategy

Outline the planned distribution strategy.

Distribution channels
List the distribution channels.

Channel distribution
Explain what percentage each channel will contribute to distribution. A pie chart can help.

Market Segmentation
Markets / vertical segments
Analyze vertical market opportunities:

Study the opportunities of specific market segments.
Indicate the distribution strategies for those markets or segments.
Specify the use of third-party companies for distribution to vertical markets.
At international level
International distribution

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Explain the following points:

Distribution strategies.
Specific issues of international distribution.
International pricing strategy
Explain the marketing strategy in other countries.

Translation issues
Mention the needs for variation of local products.

Success indicators
List the following concepts:

Objectives for the first year.
Objectives for the following years.
Requirements for success.
Success / failure measurement systems.
18-month program highlights

List the highlights for the first 18 months.

Distribution over time
Identify activity dependencies over time that are critical to your success.

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