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Can we do public relations like before?

By Ignacio Jaén

In a world increasingly marked by the era of Google, Twitter, Facebook and others, it seems that it is no longer possible to carry out other types of public relations Dubai Email List in the company if it is not through social networks.

More and more, companies invest their budgets in public Dubai Email List relations and communication, in social networks, online communication, and have put aside (I imagine that due to the scarcity of resources and the novelty) the traditional public relations.

However, the ones are not substitutes for the others (and in this sentence the commutative property can and should be applied) but rather complementary. And the proof of this is the success Dubai Email List of events (physical and not virtual) of any kind that are called, promoted or publicized through social networks.

Companies, especially those that can devote the least resources to communication and public relations, have to carefully assess their needs, the resources they have and the possibilities they have to use them.

On the other hand, Jeff Jarvis states in his book And Google, How Would You Do It? that public relations is immune to rehabilitation through Google thinking. For Jarvis, the problem with people who work in these two professions is that they have clients. They must represent a position, be it good or bad and therefore they cease to be transparent Dubai Email List, sincere and their credibility is weakened. For this author, it must be the mission of public relations companies to convince their clients that they must be transparent and honest, instead of representing them and manipulating their image to the world.

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But is it perhaps incompatible? May Dubai Email Listbe in the United States yes.

If the image must be carried by oneself, in a few years companies, institutions, personalities, will do without public relations and communication Dubai Email List services to organize themselves. And then, are they going to become experts in social networks, communication, events, online marketing …?

Well, it is not to defend my profession, but in the end, shoemaker to your shoes (and it is not a mention of the Prime Minister). And that nobody thinks that the image is something so simple to manage as to leave it in the hands of those who do not know. Managing an image well costs a lot of work, taking it down much less.

16 Marketing strategies to promote your business Dubai Email List at Christmas
Christmas is a time when the level of sales of products in general is significantly increased.

The time to start Christmas marketing is July, especially if you sell online and need several months to achieve the positioning of your flagship products.

However, all is not lost and you can still do something and take advantage of the experience to start earlier next year.

These are some ideas to take advantage of the Christmas season.
You could offer a gift with each purchase greater than $ xx (fill in the number according to the particularities of your business).
Offer a delivery discount with every purchase.
Use email and send your subscriber list a special offer or discount.
Offer your customers a special holiday wrapping service at no charge. Make your shopping as easy and enjoyable as possible.
Throw a themed party with gift coupons and free samples of some products.
Start a gift referral club with other like-minded merchants. If a client is looking for something that you do not have, send it to a friend store that has what you are looking for. The other merchant will return the favor in due course.
If you have a site, run a thematic contest to attract new customers.
Help out with charities. Offer $ x off to each person who brings a used toy (or clothing or non-perishable food). For online shoppers, add a button to donate. Not only will you attract new customers, but it will give your business good publicity.
Provide a small report with tips for Christmas shopping or table decoration, etc. with each purchase free of charge.
Make sure everything works fine on your site and that everything is up to date Dubai Email List. Add a special Christmas section.
Add a section for gift ideas. Many people need help choosing gifts. Make sure you have gift certificates and discount coupons ready.
Send a well-stocked gift idea newsletter to your subscriber list.
Submit coupons to enter a free drawing for each coupon redeemed.
Don’t forget customer support. Please do your best to make sure they come back for more …
Become the company with the best Christmas spirit. Donate% of your earnings to charity.
Of course, nothing attracts customers more than a mix of good products, reasonable prices, and great service. Meet those requirements and your customers will stay loyal to your business and even recommend you.
Christmas Marketing This list is a starting point,

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