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Client portfolio optimization

Advice on Client Portfolio Optimization

By Pablo F. Abram – Director of PA Consultores

In deep analysis of the essence of the business, the market, the client portfolio and the product / service offer, it allows detecting unprofitable businesses and taking advantage of more profitable opportunities. The ultimate goal is to increase the profitability of these portfolios Guatemala Email List, and therefore, that of the company.

These analyzes should be made based on an expert study of the strategies of the company and its competitors, a knowledge of the fundamentals of pricing, and the cost structure (deep SME SWOT analysis). It is not recommended to cancel customers and products based on a simple profitability analysis, as this can affect the final result of the company in an amount greater than that saved.

Companies are systems interrelated with their environment, any change within it or the environment has some effect on another part. Therefore, a comprehensive business analysis is recommended to optimize your portfolio of clients or products.

$$ Benefits $$

• Increase in profitability.

• A better knowledge of the interrelationship of customers and products Guatemala Email List that facilitates the management of the company.

• Improved customer service, greater customer retention

• A greater focus on profitable businesses. Free up time for executives to generate good business.

• Optimization of the use of resources, lowering relative cost and maximizing its results. Cut expenses without affecting the sale

• Lower expenses in obtaining new clients, word of mouth promotion (free and highly efficient).

Profitable clients, if you think about it in the long term.

Some companies think of selling as a one-off, short-term operation Guatemala Email List. Those executives who overcome the short-term vision and go in search of long-term consumers achieve better results and a more harmonious operation.

The company must not only think about how to close an operation, it must also analyze and plan how to maintain the relationship with that client over time (MRI). The difficulty of this task is that it means coordinating all the areas of the firm, that is why Commercial Optimization goes beyond the sales sector.

Many clients switch to a competitor due to failures in sectors “far” from the commercial sector. I highlight the word ‘far’ because that is the main problem of the company, the lack of commitment or coordination of all sectors with the needs of the client or the offer of the seller. I call the solution to this problem Pro Market Reorganization.

Don Peppers, the creator of one-to-one marketing Guatemala Email List, addresses some of these points in the note published by the Commercial Chronicler (11/02/09) and mentions the importance of personalized customer service.

Good Email Marketing Practices
Email marketing has suffered negatively in recent years by users, due to bad practices exercised by webmasters dedicated to the massive sending of unwanted and hated messages such as SPAM. But now the experts have agreed on an important point: as Internet users acquire a greater “Internet culture”, it is easier to reach them through email while respecting their right to privacy and privacy. In other words, the future of email marketing is hopeful again, as long as we know how to draw the frontier of our autoresponders or email messaging.

Good practices of email-markting

1.- It is evident that you should not carry out SPAM in your advertising messages.

2.- All the elements of the message must be in tune with the objective we are pursuing or we will be investing time and money negatively. If our intention is that visitors return regularly to our pages, the best thing is to highlight the news that we have included or show a calendar of events, etc. If, on the contrary, we intend to make money with the banners that we add to the message, they should receive a greater relevance than the text that we include.

3.- You must personalize your messages; First of all, we should begin the messages by greeting the recipient by her own name. Once he reads the message, he will go to our website, which he will have to like, and find there a great satisfaction in finding the information he is looking for more easily and the products he needs. Also, personalization can be understood from another point of view. Our messages must try to establish a bond of trust with the recipients.

4.- E-mail messages can be sent both in plain text format and in HTML, as if they were a web page. MY recommendation is to opt for HTML, as it allows adding a large number of advanced features to the message as well as giving it a much more attractive appearance. However, there are several limitations regarding HTML, many users cannot read messages in this format, the excessive use of images can slow down the download of the message and, finally, if we include many current programs in the message. they will display warning messages or simply not execute them. So let’s use HTML, but carefully.

5.- It is important that when a message is sent to a subscriber, the cancellation of the subscription must necessarily be included at the end of the document, through an address that will take us to our autoresponder, to unsubscribe the user for whatever reason Therefore, in our client relationship we will have active and inactive clients.

6.- During the holidays in August and Christmas are the two worst times of the year to send advertising letters and messages.
Within Offline Marketing, it is important to decide the correct date to send a mailing or email; In addition, we also tend to avoid sending messages to our clients on weekends.

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