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Convert customers into our customers

The modern entrepreneur is interested in consumers becoming his customers. And oneself, as a consumer, tries to be a client of suppliers that offer us the best conditions in the acquisition of goods and services.

All of the above implies the need to adapt the company’s resources towards consumer satisfaction in order to make it our customer.

To improve the ability of the company Central-African-Republic Email List to satisfy the needs and desires of the consumer, it is necessary to know their characteristics, the needs or desires that they seek to satisfy, the requirements that they want to exist in the satisfiers, the preferences that determine their choice and the prices. that you are willing to pay.

After all, the consumer is a person with needs concerned with the allocation of resources to meet his needs.

And no one knows what a consumer wants better than the consumer himself. In order for the consumer to become our client, we need to know:

THE NEED… requires useful goods and services for: subsistence, well-being, happiness.

DESIRE… requires useful goods and services to: achieve a standard of living, maintain a standard of living, enjoy the possession of an item or service.

If for the businessman the value is the price that Central-African-Republic Email List a merchandise, product or service has, for the consumer the value lies in the effects that the acquisition of the merchandise, product or service has on his personal well-being.

Therefore, the employer needs to know the value of the product or service for the consumer.

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But the values ​​are relative, since they are the result Central-African-Republic Email List of human valuations. What is very important to one person for another may not be. What should be highlighted is that, despite the fact that the valuations are relative, the entrepreneur must ensure that the short and medium-term effect of the sale operation, and the consequent purchase, is positive and not negative.

The positive leads to:

  • Approve something
  • Liking
  • Wish
  • Attraction
    The negative leads to:
  • Not approve something
  • Disgust
  • disgust
  • Repulsion
    Positive evaluations pay off the conversion of the consumer into a customer. In this case, the client recommends the company to his friends and acquaintances. Invite other consumers to become our customers.

Negative evaluations reduce our sales potential. The buyer disseminates opinions contrary to the interests of the company, and can even take his anger to the lawsuit before the Consumer Prosecutor’s Office.

Positive evaluations increase our potential clientele. Refusals threaten the very existence of the company.

Competing against an expensive, poorly made or harmful product is easy. However, the competition is always with products or services that offer almost the same quality as our product. That is, in most cases we will have to improve the product Central-African-Republic Email List or service offered by other companies. It is known that the consumer only tolerates a lower quality when there is a correspondingly lower price.

Therefore, one of the ways to compete consists of knowing which is the characteristic of the product or service that the consumer values ​​the most. The one that would lead the consumer to prefer our services over those of the competition. All this contributes to improving the quality of the good offered, increasing consumer satisfaction and increasing the company’s sales.

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By increasing the quality of the product or service, the entrepreneur is achieving an increase in the quality of life of the consumer. This is always appreciated by the buyer and makes him a desirable customer for the entire company.

By knowing this, the entrepreneur is becoming aware of the characteristics that make the consumer prefer one product over another.

If, in the first case, an attempt was made to know which was the satisfier of the need or desire, in this case it is investigated what are the desirable characteristics of the satisfier. The attention given to the characteristics that the consumer is looking for will allow us to compete honestly with our rivals in the market.

One way to improve product quality is to listen Central-African-Republic Email List to the opinions of consumers who like to experiment with new products. Most of the innovations that can be incorporated into an article arise from the wishes of the consumer who ventures to try the novelties that appear on the market.

We should keep in mind that our products must meet consumer demands.

Consumer demands include minimum characteristics, pleasant and optimal characteristics.

MINIMUM CHARACTERISTICS: they are directly related to the satisfaction of the need, for example, for a soft drink, we hope that it quenches our thirst or leaves us with a good taste in the mouth.

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