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Dartmouth Building Supply Pharmaceutical Companies, Sugar and the Alzheimer’s Disease

What exactly is causing Alzheimer’s? We always hear or see ads for various medications that propose to aid in the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. But why is it we never hear anything relating to the cause of Alzheimer’s? I am beginning to think that we are being manipulated by Pharmaceutical Companies? I was told by someone in the medical profession that acceptable cholesterol levels were lowered so more cholesterol medicine could be sold. Is that really true? How much do we really know about the research and the long-term effects of medication that is prescribed to us? Medication to me always seems to be treating the symptoms and not the causes. For example, look at all the cold medications that are on the market shelves. There are medications for congestion, for coughs, for sore throat and headaches. Where is the medication to aid the cause, the virus? It seems that it takes more dartmouth building supply time to create multiple medications to treat multiple cold symptoms than to cure one virus. If they cured the virus, no need for medication, less and eventually no money. How many of us have become blasé about what is prescribed to us and don’t question what we are putting into our bodies?

On a recent quest for information regarding my Mother’s Alzheimer’s disease, I wanted to know what research was occurring to determine the cause and not just the symptoms of this disease since it is growing at an alarming rate. There are supposedly 4.5 million people in America with the disease and this number is expected to double within the next 5 years. To me, there has to be something in our environment or something that we are consuming that is causing this disease. What has increased to cause Alzheimer’s? I am trying to find the answer to that question by surveying some of our elderly population who still have their wits and are not showing any signs of Alzheimer’s. My questions relate to their diet, their environment, their cleaning supplies, and cookware, activities and education level. I am looking for the common thread that binds all these people who still remain intelligent and youthful in their minds. Some of my candidates are in their 80’s like my Mom.

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Reviewing my Mom’s situation and examining what has increased over time for her, I keep on saying it is sugar. Desserts, sweets played a very big role in our diet growing up. Pies, cookies, cakes, ice cream, fudge, candy, etc., you name it, my Mom made it from scratch and we ate it every day. My Mom was the master baker. But just think hypothetically for a moment if it really is sugar and the impact it would have on the food industry. It wouldn’t be surprising if the food industry wanted to silence this knowledge. Look at all the products we consume that contain sugar. Sugar is added to our desserts, our cereals, our pasta sauces, our drinks, our sauces, ketchup, alcohol and much more. Our consumption of sugar has gotten out of control. There should be a warning label on sugar and sugar products similar to that which is on cigarettes. Is sugar addictive like cigarettes? Are we subtly being controlled by this substance? This product to me seems to be the only substance that we have increased exponentially in our diet. What is your guess or what do you think? White sugar is also whitened with bleach and processed with chemicals which may contribute to the cause or be the direct link, BINGO.

Recently I read in the news that two groups of people are at a higher risk of having Alzheimer’s. These two groups are people who have Diabetes and people who are pear shaped, i.e. fatter around the waist and butt area. What causes diabetes and pear shapes? SUGAR!!! Women are at a higher risk. What is a women’s weakness? SUGAR!!!

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Well back to my quest to seek what type of research is being performed for the Alzheimer’s disease. For starters, I asked my Mom’s doctor if only drug companies conduct the research for all drugs and she said yes because they are the only entities with MONEY. If we work just on the symptoms, drug companies make more money selling more medications. It is BIG corporate business It is like jail, we need criminals to employ police, security guards, build facilities (contractors), purchase building supplies, employ maintenance staff, purchase food services, etc., and it is job security for the masses.

To further my research, I went to the Alzheimer’s Association because in my mind they should have the greatest source of information on understanding this disease. I met with the Director for the local chapter where my Mom is living. I asked the question, “What research is being done to determine the cause of the disease?” She could not answer this question but she provided me with a source to check. She said to visit their website and navigate to the library section and pose my question to the contact. I followed her instructions to a tee and following is the information I received, word for word, spelling for spelling:

“Library Question – Answer [Question #5738763]

Hi Kathryn, thank you for contacting the Alzheimer’s Association.

We don’t differentiate in our annual or financial reports, I’m afraid. I’ve never seen a figure for cause dollars compared to treatment dollars and I didn’t see one overall when I just checked. “

Is it just me, or don’t you think they should be tracking data especially if they are funding some of these research projects? Is everyone in it for the money? Everything seems to be just “Big Business” and getting richer from innocent people.

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My Mom has seen approximately 10 Doctors in the last 2 years for her Alzheimer’s disease. Each doctor had paperwork to complete for my Mom, like insurance information and who is financially responsible for services, MONEY. Not one Doctor asked what does she eat, or what cleaning detergents was she exposed to during her lifetime or did she live near a factory, was she physically active or was she a scholar and an avid reader? Not one question was asked that would help determine CAUSE. They wanted to know about her memory, behavior, and sleeping pattern. The doctors she has seen during this period are not concentrated in just one geographical location but are in several areas, i.e. the Northeast, West Coast and Mid-West. We are talking doctors who practice at Dartmouth, WASHU and in Southern California. And Doctors who were educated from Harvard, Dartmouth, Berkley, Stanford, UCLA, etc.

My Mom is involved with a research trial program for a large pharmaceutical company who again is working on the symptoms and not cause. I don’t know about you, but I want to know what is causing it so I can stop eating it, breathing it or do something other than take a PILL or injection. I have created a survey that addresses some of the items that I have discussed in this article to determine the cause of Alzheimer’s.

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