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Does it have anything to do with personal image and marketing?

In this digital and visual media era, it is not enough to be the best, we have to project it …

Personal Image is really Marketing Cyprus Email List and it is to realize the power that means that we ourselves are our most important brand … and to achieve this objective the same techniques that are used to promote companies and products are used. Because regardless of what objective we seek, the reality is that in every situation of life, personal Cyprus Email List or professional, we are always trying to capture in others, whether they are clients or personal situations, our best side, our best virtues and our best strengths …

A professional must know how to sell himself there is the difference between the eternal question … why? If I am more capable, more prepared, more honorable, more, more, more … but … success lies in MARKETING, with this powerful tool that has been with us since the beginning of humanity we can change and transform the perception of others towards us …

To get to develop an effective personal marketing plan Cyprus Email List it is necessary to analyze these facts …

Personal image and marketing

It is very common to hear a professional Cyprus Email List saying phrases like “what I need is advertising”, but this is not always convenient, and it can even be counterproductive depending on the specialty or situation in question …

For example, a doctor will rarely profit from traditional promotion, since no one chooses a surgeon or a lawyer just because of an ad in the newspaper and in cases like these they carry a major image and prestige weight.

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The concept of Personal Branding or Personal Brand was introduced relatively recently; the famous specialist Peters presented it in his work “50 keys to make a brand of you”.

It consists of nothing more and nothing less than to become our own brand.

This conception is one step ahead of Personal Marketing Cyprus Email List that aims to know how to sell yourself in the best way.

Personal Branding is a term that encompasses everything that means person … in which not only the knowledge of the expertise of each one is united, but it goes further and extends to who the person is, their values, abilities and peculiarities .

Developing a personal brand is not only about looking good and being a successful professional…, it involves knowing yourself better, setting goals and objectives, committing to continuous improvement, developing your own identity and showing a competitive advantage from there.

The person who is willing to develop his personal brand first needs to ask himself the following questions …

Who I am?
What do I know how to do?
What do I do best?
What do I have to offer?
What are my personal values?
How do I communicate it?
This new model of professional and registered Cyprus Email List trademark person demands not only to be the best in his field, but to be clear about his objectives, to know himself, and to know how he is perceived by the environment, what opinion he has about his value and reliability in the personal environment and professional.

This strategy has been used for a decade in important companies Cyprus Email List such as IBM, Warner BROS, Adobe, Bank of America, Microsoft, among others.

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How to start?
Developing a personal brand is work that takes time; apply principles similar to those that companies use for their commercial products by building a clear and identifiable image of what they sell.

The first time a person meets or hires a professional Cyprus Email List, they do not know how effective they are.

People cannot know us internally the first minutes, nor know our professionalism, nor our capacity …

That is why it is essential that people perceive that you are the professional who will provide the best solution, that they can trust your solvency, efficiency and reputation. Precisely for this reason, a good communication Cyprus Email List strategy is the central axis of the development of a personal brand, so that all the people who involve your environment Cyprus Email List become aware of who you are as a person and professional and of the value of the service you offer and of the benefits of choosing you or your company ..

Brands are relationships that are built between an offer and a demand that simple … both personally and professionally … when the demand feels that this brand identifies with its value system, trust occurs together with the relationship whether personal or professional ..

What benefits do I get from developing Image and Personal Cyprus Email List Brand?
Distinguish myself with a strong identity
Build reliability and prestige
Make a difference in the whole of me and my relationship Cyprus Email List and work and personal projection.
How to start building my personal brand?
According to the dictionary, marking means to leave an unforgettable impression on someone’s mind.

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And this is the purpose of developing the personal brand, finding a sign that distinguishes us with which we leave an unforgettable impression.

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