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Email List Building Lies Exposed and Crushed

Welcome to a free report the reveals the biggest lie that the gurus tell you about Internet Marketing and how you can Get More Buyers very quickly. First though let me tell you the truth that very few gurus are willing to tell you these days. If you’ve been struggling to make it online, and you’ve haven’t seen the kind of success you dreamed of when you first started you’ve learned the best lesson you’ll ever learn. That is, an online business is a business; it’s not pot of gold at the end of a rainbow somewhere. You don’t plant magic beans and wake up rich the next day. There’s no such thing as an overnight success. That’s what’s called a lottery mentality, people think they’ll buy a ticket and a hundred million dollars will fall in their lap. It might happen, but when’s the last time you won? Don’t misunderstand me, there is huge income potential online, and Michael Rasmussen is living proof of that and in his Get More Buyers course he shows you how to emulate that. His business is very successful today and he get the benefits of it while he’s still pretty young at the age of 32, but starting your own online business takes effort and making it successful takes effort too. It doesn’t happen by accident, and it rarely happens overnight.

Now that you know the unvarnished truth let me tell you the real reason I’ve made this report you’re reading. You see knowing that the Internet is not an online version of the lottery is a necessary first step, but it’s not enough. You need to know the key elements that will allow you to get more buyers medpoint management contact as fast as possible. If you know them, and you use them, you’ll reach your goals quickly. Not overnight, but you won’t have to sweat and struggle for years either. There are several critical elements but when you boil it down the single most critical success factor for your online business is getting people to buy what you sell. That could be your own product, or somebody else’s product that you promote as an affiliate. It really doesn’t matter, and the easiest way to get people to buy is to start with the people who have bought from you already. If they have bought before they are much more likely to do so again. That’s why Michael Rasmussen created the Get More Buyers course.

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But before we get there, you need to understand the biggest Internet Marketing lie that almost everybody has been told and believes. Understanding that will show you why the Get More Buyers course is so powerful. So let’s get right to it.

The biggest Internet Marketing lie that the gurus have told people is summed up by a phrase I am pretty sure that you’ve heard before, the money is in the list. But think about it, that statement is obviously false. Suppose you have a list of 250,000 people. Most people would say that’s a pretty big list, but suppose nobody on that list ever buys anything. If that’s true then your big list of 250,000 people is dead in the water. It doesn’t make any difference whatsoever to your income. That illustrates perfectly that the money is only in the list if we are talking about the right kind of list. Most people who tell you the money’s in the list ignore that fact. And they literally leave thousands of people frustrated.

That’s the lie so let’s clear things up. The money’s not just in any list it’s really in your list of buyers. Buyers count, subscribers don’t. It’s that simple. Subscribers mean nothing to you until they buy something, before that they are just sitting there. What the gurus are really talking about when they say the money’s in the list is that the big money is in a responsive list. That means a list full of people who buy when you send them an e-mail, which is how the so-called gurus seem to make six figures out of thin air, that’s the dream most people have when they get started. They send out an e-mail and watch the money roll in. Well only if you have a list full of eager buyers. Those are the people that have demonstrated they are willing to spend money online for the types of products you sell. Without them you don’t really have a business at all.

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Now, if the gurus know this, and they do, why do they tell the lie in the first place? Why do they skip right past the idea that you don’t necessarily need subscribers on your list you really need to be focused on cramming your list full of buyers? Because telling the lie or at least letting people believe it without correcting them sells literally hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of list building products. That’s a pretty powerful incentive for any guru to let people believe that they should build big lists without concentrating on buyers. Building buyer lists takes a little bit more time and effort. It’s still pretty easy to do, as Michael Rasmussen describes in extreme detail in the Get More Buyers course. But it’s not quite as easy as building big lists full of freeloaders and that’s one of the massive mistakes people make when they believe the lie. They try to build a huge list of just about anybody who will sign up. They go for quantity over quality. They waste years building lists and they somehow never seem to make enough money, month after month, to quit their day job. We’ll take it from somebody who’s already been around the block, quality beats quantity every time.

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