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Exclusive interview with Xareni Hernández, entrepreneur woman leading Coffareni

Selling coffee beans to generate extra income put this woman on the path to entrepreneurship; With commitment and respect for fair trade, he founded Coffareni. Xareni Hernández is a revolutionary, determined, courageous and fun woman.
His business idea is based South-Africa Mobile Database on selling certified and endorsed organic coffee from Oaxaca.
Coffareni is more than a cafeteria, it is a space full of love and passion for the customer.

Supporting fair trade with conviction and commitment was the path that this enterprising woman chose when setting up her Coffareni cafeteria in the Condesa neighborhood .
Xareni Hernández defines herself as a woman made of goals, who looks at life as a constant revolution, to reach an evolution.
And that’s exactly what he experienced at the beginning of his undertaking, since the first name of his cafeteria was Café Amour, a business project, but made with love; That to date is the value that distinguishes it from its competition.
“Our line of business is the quality and warmth of the service, the personalized attention and the exquisiteness of the artisanal and fresh product,” says Hernández.
When considering owning her brand, she had trouble registering her first name and evolved it into Coffareni, a mix of Turkish coffee and her own name.
Coffee is his raw material and he chose this organic coffee from Oaxaca, certified and endorsed, because it is from an organization whose mission is to promote fair trade, that is, in its fields there is no exploitation of minors, and there is equity between workers regardless of whether they are men or women.

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South-Africa Mobile Database

Coffee with love

His business is registered for the sale of prepared food and coffee bar. What sets your coffee shop apart from the rest of the competition is the personalized service, the warmth of a cup of coffee, and the sweetness of good talk.
“(The place) is physically small, however, its fifteen square meters are full of cozy atmosphere that allow us to be close to each person who visits us. Customers go because they like coffee, because of the pie made by a small producer, because of the smile that prompts you to start the day, ”shared Xareni.
How the business idea was born

With an initial investment of 190 thousand pesos, this enterprising woman followed her dream of having a cafeteria.
“It makes me a place where you are the host of that space of relief for those who come to your bar. In your hands is the preparation of the drink with which the lips will be pampered ”, explains Xareni with pride and sweetness.
Expanding horizons

Being a project supported by the Ministry of Economic Development has allowed it to grow and expand its business model.
Currently, it has a network of organic coffee distributors, in addition to offering a daily executive menu and has also implemented the catering service.

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The new normal full of challenges

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Before the pandemic started, Coffareni had a new branch in the Zona Rosa, but the pedestrian flow decreased abruptly, and that business located in an excellent commercial area ended up in the worst place, at the worst time and they had to close. “Everything that could be a strength became a weakness.”
Not only the Coronavirus pandemic has complicated Xareni’s business, but also the new law that prohibits the use of single-use plastics.
But true to his ideology, he began to prepare: “I have always thought that the organic part should not remain only in coffee, but make the entire project sustainable.
Compostable disposables are 233% more expensive than common disposables, so it was necessary to adjust their prices to cover the costs of supplies.
A detail in line with its brand is the Brother Cell Phone List use of straws for smoothies and frappies made from coffee.

You can find Coffareni on Facebook , Instagram and on his website . And also physically at Av. José Vasconcelos 220 PB, Colonia Condesa, Cuauhtémoc Mayor’s Office. You can contact them by WhatsApp at 554 533 3727.
To grow there are never limits

Xareni Hernández is already working on the project of sale in retail stores that has stopped a bit due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
But the next objective is to set up an organic coffee marketer, since its product is the only certified and endorsed organic coffee from Oaxaca worldwide.
Learning as an entrepreneurial woman

Being an entrepreneur woman has taught Xareni Hernández great lessons such as: “the humility to learn and share successes with gratitude. You don’t get far alone, ”she explains.
“The biggest lesson that it has given me to undertake is that I do work to generate income and curiously, the highest income I have had is internal, it is not tangible and I have been able to share it without spending a single peso,” says this woman with a f

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