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FC Barcelona blames LaLiga regulations for Messi’s departure

This important injection of capital came at a key moment, with an important brand such as FC Barcelona negotiating the retention of LaLiga’s greatest football asset, Leo Messi. But just a few hours after Javier Tebas announced the agreement with CVC, approved in the LaLiga Delegate Commission, the Blaugrana team officially announced that its flagship and the entire competition could not continue in the entity and also blamed it on LaLiga regulations Bolivia Email Address.

“Despite having reached an agreement between FC Barcelona and Leo Messi and with the clear intention of both parties to sign a new contract today, it cannot be formalized due to economic and structural obstacles,” indicated the entity chaired by Joan Laporta in a brief, but direct statement in which he thanked the player for his contribution “to the appreciation of the institution.”

This hard blow to the plan drawn up by LaLiga has also been made known after the approval by the Government of the return of the public to the fields, which may have a capacity of up to 40% as a general rule in the season. The agreement with CVC also responded to the trends perceived since before the pandemic, such as the change in the way football is consumed, of which Javier Tebas, President of LaLiga, is aware, hence his declared intention to turn it into “a global company unprecedented digital entertainment ”, an approach that he hopes to carry on, albeit with the added difficulty of losing Messi.

And not only that, the entity chaired by Javier Tebas, practically at the same time that FC Barcelona announced the failure in the negotiations with Messi, received another setback, although this is more expected: the rejection of Real Madrid. The differences between the President of the white club, Florentino Pérez, and the President of LaLiga are palpable and known, especially after the Superliga project that the Real Madrid leader led.

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In another statement, Real Madrid dealt the second blow of the afternoon to the competition of which it is a part, expressing its opposition to the agreement reached between LaLiga and the CVC fund. “This agreement was made without the participation of Real Madrid and without their knowledge”; The white entity has denounced, which criticizes not having been able to access the full text of the operation.

“The clubs have assigned the audiovisual rights exclusively for their commercialization under a competitive regime and for a period of three years. This agreement, using a deceptive structure, expropriates from the clubs 10.95% of their audiovisual rights for 50 years and in against the law “, has denounced Real Madrid regarding one of the key issues of the contract.

The Madrid entity, which could receive 261 million euros under the agreement with CVC, points out that the negotiation “has been carried out without a competitive process and the agreed conditions give returns of more than 20% per year to this opportunistic fund that tried unsuccessful similar agreements with the Italian and German leagues “. This trial leads Real Madrid to reject an operation “that gives investors the future of 42 First and Second Division clubs” and will convene the assembly of compromising partners “to discuss the agreement and the significant unprecedented losses in our capital. 119 years of history that such an agreement would cause “:

LaLiga’s response has not been long in coming regarding the positioning of Real Madrid and has been published by Javier Tebas himself through his Twitter account, in which he declared that “it is not the first time that those who send in Real Madrid sue us and they don’t stop losing “, just as he ironized:” But wasn’t Spanish football dead? In short, a host of contradictions. Spanish football deserves respect. “

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The sequence of announcements of the day has ended with another from FC Barcelona, ​​this time on the agreement with CVC, where it has aligned itself with Real Madrid, as happened with the Superliga. “After analyzing the recent announcement by LaLiga about a strategic agreement with the international investment fund CVC, FC Barcelona considers that the operation has not been contrasted with the clubs, owners of the TV rights, and that it is not consistent with the years of duration “, argues the Barcelona entity.

In line with the position of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona criticizes the 50-year duration of the loan and shows its surprise at “an agreement promoted by LaLiga in which it has not had the criteria of teams and does not even show options among more competitors to to be able to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages in a scenario with many problems such as the post-pandemic ” socialposts.

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