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Genuine Hoodia Weight Loss Pills – Check the Hoodia Certification

Genuine Hoodia weight loss pills are perhaps the most remarkable dietary supplement to help people lose weight that we have ever seen. But if you are considering purchasing Hoodia pills to help you lose some excess weight, then it is important that you exercise a good deal of caution and check the Hoodia certification of the supplement you purchase.

Since it has had such a terrific press, and has proved to be so incredibly popular, why is it important to be cautious about something that has been promoted as an entirely natural, side-effect free weight loss supplement? The answer is simple: many Hoodia supplements on the market have no effect. Unfortunately, because these particular dietary pills have become so very popular recently, they usa purchasing weight loss have become the same target for the cheats as many other diets and weight loss solutions. There have been many fake or watered-down versions of Hoodia supplements that have relatively little to do with the original plant that has provided us with this remarkable appetite suppressant.

Before you purchase what you believe to be genuine Hoodia weight loss pills, there are a number of things you should check to ensure that what you are purchasing is the genuine article. Anything less than real Hoodia and not only will you almost certainly not see any benefit whatsoever in terms of your appetite being suppressed, but there may also be a number of unwelcome side effects which would not be present were you to have taken genuine Hoodia tablets.

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The first thing to look for is to make sure that you are purchasing Hoodia Prime, since this is the name given to the plant from which the chemical which is responsible for inducing the appetite suppression is sourced, and is likely to indicate whether the contents of the tablets have been directly extracted from the plant, or synthetically created in a laboratory. However, it is easy to place that word on a label, and there are other ways of ensuring the purity of your appetite suppressant. Before discussing these, let’s first have a look at what Hoodia actually is.

Natural Hoodia comes from a small, fairly unremarkable little cactus-like succulent (but not a cactus) which is discovered naturally only in certain regions of Southern Africa between Central Namibia and the southern parts of Angola. Although a fairly recent discovery as far as the Western world is concerned, it has long been known by the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert that this plant has a remarkable ability to stave off hunger for a considerable period of time.

This was of particular benefit to them, as by eating some of the Hoodia flesh just before heading off for a hunt, the bushmen were then able to continue hunting for three or four days without having to worry about stopping to eat. This astonishing plant’s natural benefits have resulted in it sometimes been difficult to identify genuine Hoodia weight loss pills from those merely cashing in on the name but without providing pure Hoodia extract.

An important way in which you can verify the purity of hoodia pills or tablets that you have purchased is by checking for the certification. An export license from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is necessary before genuine Hoodia can leave Africa, and importers in to the USA need a permit from the Department of Agriculture (USDA Permit).

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What that means is that if your supply of Hoodia does not offer details of the CITES and USDA documentation, then it is false. Hoodia tablets that carried this certification, as well as the name Hoodia Prime, are likely to be the genuine article. Because the bushmen in the Kalahari Desert have been eating Hoodia Prime for countless generations without any side-effects or health problems, it is reasonably safe to suggest that taking a supplement which is pure in its extract from this plant should not cause any unwanted side-effects or health issues for the vast majority of people who take it. However, Hoodia tablets which are not entirely pure may be contaminated with other chemicals and compounds which could cause a number of unpleasant side-effects.

It is fairly obvious that if you take a tablet advertised as being entirely safe and free from side effects, and then find that, not only do you suffer from unpleasant side-effects but also that your appetite is not suppressed and you are not able to lose the weight that you had anticipated, then you are going to be put off trying any such so-called supplements in the future. That is the disservice that those who try to pass Hoodia look-alikes as what they are not are doing to you and to many others.

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