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Give the customer something for nothing.

Technique 1: Give the customer something for nothing.

One of the first actions a stripper takes is to approach and flirt with the client. He will probably fix your gaze on him, sit on your skirt, smile at you and speak softly to you, or do something to raise your arousal level. To get her to do this you don’t have to do ANYTHING or give ANYTHING in return.
However, you get a sample of the service offered Scotland Email List, and they know that if that sample is good, the chances that you will buy that service will go up significantly. This also applies to the performances they do on stage or in the pipe.

Technique 2: Understand Customers

Strippers get to know their clients by asking them questions. This allows them not only to generate a certain trust and even in many cases affective ties that are more than beneficial for future businesses, but most importantly of all to generate a communication Scotland Email List channel and use it as a source of information to develop a personalized sales strategy.

Technique 3: Develop a personalized sales strategy

Strippers try to carry out different sales strategies based on their perception. The strategies can be through movements, looks or phrases such as “I like to play dirty” or “have you seen my incredible ass?” or “my breasts are real.” Even the simple fact of calling you by your name (if you are a regular customer) is a very powerful purchase trigger. Each strategy can be the key to converting the potential client into a buyer.
Then (like any person accustomed to making decisions) he evaluates and modifies his “strategies” based on the experience obtained.

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Technique 4: Make sure you are trading a great product

They know and are aware that they must have a great product Scotland Email List, and for that very reason they constantly generate and protect it. If they gain 10 kilos or do not bathe for 4 days, it is very likely that they will not get any clients despite their good treatment.
The same applies to any business that wants to be maintained over time: no matter how good you are at selling, there is not much you can do with a bad product or service.

Technique 5: Provide Excellent Customer Care and Service

The strippers make sure that you are satisfied and happy with their first dance or the first impression they make on you, otherwise they will not be able to continue doing business with you or it will be very difficult for them to achieve the goal for which they are in business … increase sales.

This brings to mind the abysmal differences that I sometimes find in the pre, during and after sales deal, every time I go to buy whatever.

There are places where kindness, a good atmosphere and an excellent predisposition, even if I have to wait, really make buying a product or service more than pleasant Scotland Email List (this is how it should be and it is the treatment that every client deserves).

There are other places, on the other hand, where it gives us the impression that you, as a customer, are bothering the person who attends you, who thinks they are doing you a favor and giving you part of their precious time, when in reality it is the other way around.

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From both places I can go out with the product that I went to look for, but it is more than clear to what kind of places I will want to return and to which not, the next time I need something.

Technique 6: Focus on Strategies to Increase Sales

The strippers start the sale with a relatively cheap service, a talk, a show or a little dance on your skirt (lapdance), however they do not lose the vision that that moment is the one that will give them the opportunity to sell their other services Scotland Email List. Then they will want to take you to the famous “champagne room” for a private dance, trying to sell a more expensive service, which is where the money really is. However, without having worked hard to make the first sale, they will never get the big sale they were looking for. Once they are in a position to make the deal they have sought, they will seek to maximize it.

“Always treat the customer in the best way, regardless of whether your profit in what you are trading is high or low, that will give you the opportunity to do bigger and more profitable business”.

Technique 7: Techniques for closing or making the sale.

Strippers, like you, need to optimize their sales completion times, they cannot waste 2 hours of their time with you without knowing if you are going to end up Scotland Email List buying their services or not.

To avoid this, they use a variety of “closing techniques” to get you in the best way and in the shortest time to acquire their services.

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There are many such techniques, but two of the most popular used by strippers are the “closing technique with compliments or praise” (usually flirting with you) and the “closing technique with your company” (having your friends goad you on). to close the deal).

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