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Good Email Marketing Practices

Email marketing has suffered negatively in recent years by users, due to bad practices exercised by webmasters dedicated to the massive sending of unwanted and hated messages such as SPAM. But now the experts have agreed on an important point: as Internet users acquire a greater “Internet culture”, it is easier to reach them through Guyana Email List while respecting their right to privacy and privacy. In other words, the future of email marketing is hopeful again, as long as we know how to draw the frontier of our autoresponders or email messaging.

Good practices of email-markting

1.- It is evident that you should not carry out SPAM in your advertising messages.

2.- All the elements of the message must be in tune with the objective we are pursuing or we will be investing time and money negatively. If our intention is that visitors return regularly to our pages, the best thing is to highlight the news that we have included or show a calendar of events, etc. If, on the contrary, we intend to make money with the banners that we add to the message, they should receive a greater relevance than the text that we include.

3.- You must personalize your messages Guyana Email List; First of all, we should begin the messages by greeting the recipient by her own name. Once he reads the message, he will go to our website, which he will have to like, and find there a great satisfaction in finding the information he is looking for more easily and the products he needs. Also, personalization can be understood from another point of view. Our messages must try to establish a bond of trust with the recipients.

4.- E-mail messages can be sent both in plain text format and in HTML, as if they were a web page. MY recommendation is to opt for HTML, as it allows adding a large number of advanced features to the message as well as giving it a much more attractive appearance. However, there are several limitations regarding HTML, many users cannot read messages Guyana Email List in this format, the excessive use of images can slow down the download of the message and, finally, if we include many current programs in the message. they will display warning messages or simply not execute them. So let’s use HTML, but carefully.

5.- It is important that when a message is sent to a subscriber, the cancellation of the subscription must necessarily be included at the end of the document Guyana Email List, through an address that will take us to our autoresponder, to unsubscribe the user for whatever reason Therefore, in our client relationship we will have active and inactive clients.

6.- During the holidays in August and Christmas are the two worst times of the year to send advertising letters and messages.
Within Offline Marketing, it is important to decide the correct date to send a mailing or email; In addition, we also tend to avoid sending messages to our clients on weekends.

Don’t Underestimate Customer Loyalty
Today large companies and users who sell spend a lot of money advertising their products. What these people do not know is that the Internet is a powerful tool for controlling advertising and the world market.

Every day millions of people desperate to buy your products surf the internet and the question is why are they not buying my products then? The answer is even simpler, you are simply not controlling internet advertising.

When we talk about controlling advertising on the internet, we mean knowing how to promote on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, which are one of the most important, as well as controlling marketing with videos on the main video portals such as YouTube. Well these two ways are very important to attract a lot of traffic to your website and to your business qualified and qualified traffic for what you are selling but there is even more there is something called SEO for its acronym in English that translates to Search Engine Optimization and It is nothing more than a job that you do inside your site and outside your site to appear in the first positions of Google and other search engines with your niche.

This form of advertising is sometimes confused with Google Adword which is another way for your pages to appear in the first position of Google but unlike seo Google Adword if it charges you for putting your website in the first positions of Google and that is why that you have to differentiate SEO from Google Adword since doing SEO is totally free and that is the best thing about this resource because you can generate thousands of daily sales without investing a single peso.

Another important factor is to have a landing page for your clients, have a hosting and a domain but if you do not have the capital to buy hosting and domain you can create a free blog at.

All these aforementioned resources managed properly can make your business take a much more productive and profitable course if you still do not have an internet business or already own it.

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