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pace and sometimes it can give us the feeling that we have too much pending. It is normal. It happens to all of us. The best way to go about it is to make a list of all your to-dos and organize them in order of importance. And then cross out. one by one. step by step. There are no shortcuts to go downloading the urgent and go to the important. for example: sending emails after the holidays. But first. to get there. it is best to have everything as organized as possible. In a neat backpack you always find what you are looking forIn the specific case of mailing as a tool. you should start with the basis of email marketing: the people who read you. your subscribers.

It’s a great time to put your email lists in order. update them. delete old contacts and get rid of inactive email addresses. Sending an update campaign can be a good idea. It will catch the attention of your subscribers and make this task easier for you. via GIPHY Say goodbye to those who no longer love you and get ready to receive new subscribers. 2. Check the above Once your database is updated. it is time to review what has happened in the year and mark parameters of what your results have been in general in terms of the most common metrics. Keep in mind that the new iOS 15 update is released in September and this has specific implications for email marketing and some of its metrics. this article on the Mail Privacy Protection de

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Apple it will bring you up to date with everything you need to know. It is also important to check the behavior of your subscribers during the holidays. See how he has reacted to the summer email marketing Benin whatsapp number list campaigns and you will have clues for what is coming. Remember that you will have new users too. Don’t forget to make them one welcome and appreciation campaign. Including some kind of discount. offer. or special reward on it could help you get back on track. This will also help you to retain customers and get new conversions. So. silly. while you order and review. Sending emails after the holidays 3. Write down the main learnings From everything you’ve seen in your email marketing reports.

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Take note and analyze: which actions have worked best. which ones are better to discard. etc. This will give you ideas for the next campaigns. And. very importantly. if you lack data. or have doubts. you can take advantage of send a campaign in which you ask directly to your subscribers what you want to know. Interactive actions are highly valued. your customers will know that you are interested in listening and. by the way. you will have information that is worth gold. Sending emails after the holidays Source: Birchbox Sign up for a score and then share the information you have gathered with your teammates.

Benin whatsapp number list

Define your goals In between. you will already have three campaigns sent: the one to update the database. another to welcome the new ones and. the last. to obtain information from your subscribers. It is time to stop and reflect on the basis of all of the above. Stand up and think about what the business goals for you or your brand in the last four months of the year. Write them down. return vacation email via GIPHY 5. Make plans step by step Sit down (if it is with your team better) to draw up concrete action plans. How? Easy. Aim what are the necessary tasks to achieve each of the objectives set and voila. let’s get to work!

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It is very important that they are detailed plans. In conclusion, that you can fulfill step by step. Bonus: Speaking of email marketing. one of the main strategies used by brands to go back to school is the communication of discounts. For this they usually go to: sending last minute messages rushing the offers; or. to offer new discounts to a more exclusive group. Sending emails after the holidays To counteract this strategy based on price reduction. It is important to be original and apply creativity if what you. Want is to increase sales but at the same time achieve an increase in the average order. September is usually a good month to try attract new leads.

And another good way to do it is by creating. In conclusion, recommendation campaignsb. Based on current clients to whom you must offer enough reasons to help you among their relatives. Sending emails after the holidays Source Booking Organize your tasks If you are already clear. In conclusion, About the tasks that lead you to what you want to achieve. Organize them in order of priority in an agenda. If it is as beautiful and useful as this one from Charuca. The better Sending emails after the holidays Fuente. Charuca When it comes to tasks without a defined date. You can go to plan books like this one: Sending emails. After the holidays Fuente.

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