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How Amazon Affiliates works: this is how you can use it to monetize your website or blog [Step by step, 2018]

As you well know, Amazon is the largest eCommerce and Marketplace in the world. This retail giant can also be a source of income for webmasters and influencers through its Amazon Affiliate program, and today we will tell you how it works and how you can take advantage of it to generate extra income.

How to use Amazon Affiliates to generate income with your website
Amazon Affiliates is the dream of any business: having users willing to talk about you without charging anything fixed, only one variable per sale Thailand Email List, that is, Amazon will not pay you per click, or per registration, it is as simple as placing an ad for one of their products (either through a link, link and image or banner) on your blog or website Thailand Email List, and if your users end up buying, Amazon will pay you.

You can see how the system works in this video where Rubén Bastón explains it in detail:

If you browse the Amazon website, you will notice at the bottom a section that says “Earn money with us” and that is where you can find the link to the “affiliate program”: once you have clicked it you will enter the official site of Amazon Affiliates.

You can join Amazon Affiliates for free, and you will only have to fill out a registration form with common data, such as your name, email and password Thailand Email List. Once you have filled in all the fields with your personal data, you will begin to enter the websites or mobile apps in which you will show the Amazon ads, in fact you can include large Facebook or Twitter accounts, you can also include them.

There are already more than 100 million Amazon Prime users in the world

In the profile section is where you will expose what your websites or mobile apps are about, that is, to which target the ads will be directed once you have integrated them into your pages and the type of advertising you would like to integrate.

Once you have provided Amazon with all the information about your websites and apps where you will integrate your advertising Thailand Email List, continue to select the payment method. To do this, you must add the bank account in which you want Amazon to deposit your income.

Standard Rates on Amazon Affiliates
The rate you earn will not always be 10% on the sale of each item, in fact you can check the standard rates on the Amazon Affiliate website where you can verify what your profit will be at the end of the sale.

Rates may vary according to each country. In Spain you will earn 10% on the sale of clothing, shoes, jewelry, watches and luggage, and from there it will drop in other items. This commission is related to the sale price without VAT.

How to create Amazon links and banners
The first thing you have to do is access the button in the top menu that says “Product Links” where you will find three options: product Thailand Email List links, banners and links to any page.

You can know how to create links and banners for Amazon Affiliates in the following video where Rubén Bastón explains it to you in detail:

1 .Product Links
It is important that you know that for Amazon to confirm that it was you who achieved the sale by integrating an ad on your website, you must obtain the link of each product directly in your Amazon Affiliate account.

To do this, use the search engine that appears on the Amazon Affiliate page to find any product you want to advertise. Once you have found it, simply press the “Get link” button, either in a link version (text) or an iframe with the offer (text and image) that will appear in the list of articles that result from your search.

This is the link that you must integrate on your website in order for Amazon to relate the sale to your website.

two . Banners
Remember, the banners are oriented to branding, and what we will get is commission per sale, so you must assume that what will always work best for this objective is to add a direct link to the product Thailand Email List you want to promote. But if you want to make a booster, you can add an attractive banner to your website, and this section will help you to configure it.

You can get the code in different sizes of banners with generic information about Amazon, or choose one of the different banner links by category.

You can also generate the code to integrate gift vouchers for Amazon on your website and thereby earn a 3% commission for each sale.


  1. Links to any page
    This section allows you to get a URL to integrate an ad from any Amazon page.

To do this, you just have to copy the web address of the Amazon page you want to add, click on “Links to Any Page” on the Amazon Affiliates website, enter the URL and name your link.

You can also get links to search results Thailand Email List, this in order that if the product you are promoting is sold out, Amazon will show related products.

With the option “Popular Pages” you can choose any of the.

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