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How Facility Managers Help You Construct Your Facility

Construction of a commercial facility is a complex task. Overlooking a key building feature while constructing your facility may lead to huge operational costs after construction. Hence, in order to avoid mistakes and to construct an effective facility, it is always better to take help of the professionals in the field, such as facility managers.

You can benefit by outsourcing your construction activities to an experienced facility manager as he will have essential construction management skills. These skills include practical experience, familiarity with tools and techniques for planning, scheduling, and supervising and the ability to work with people. They perform various tasks to ensure quality construction. Some of them are listed below.

Construction planning
In order to build a perfect facility, proper planning before starting the construction process is essential. As part of construction planning, many things should be taken into consideration, such as initial estimates, design and constructability review, value engineering and cost saving facilities managers contact list analysis, project implementing plan, an organized cash flow schedule, team coordination, and pre-scheduled meetings with subcontractors and vendors. Hiring contact suppliers, skilled labor and artisans, etc. is also a part of construction planning process.

Before starting the construction process, an experienced facility manager works with you to determine your objectives and standards regarding the facility and prepares construction planning.

Computer-aided design
Facility managers work with architects and engineers to design plans that address your requirements and overall goals of your organization. To transform your ideas into reality, they work with computer-aided drafting technicians to create two and three dimensional drawings. Based on these technical drawings, they prepare specifications, order construction materials etc. to construct your facility.

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Interior design
Though interior designing is taken up after the construction, it is certainly a part of construction process. With a clear idea about the purpose of the facility, facilities managers design internal elements in such a way that your facility offers better living and working environments for the inhabitants. They ensure that the interior items such as carpets, paintings, decorative items and office furniture are beautiful as well as economically and ergonomically perfect.

Space optimization
Space optimization is the most important part of construction process. It involves effective utilization of space with least wastage. It helps in maximizing the usable space available in your facility. Space can be optimized by properly designing the building layout. Well experienced facility managers develop and implement a design by aggressively looking out for reducing wastage of space during planning process.

Reduce construction debris
Facilities managers plan, design, and manage the equipment and supplies properly. They reduce construction debris by obtaining required raw materials and using them effectively. This task requires experience in the field of business administration, architecture, engineering and construction.

Integrate flexible installations
It is very important to install flexible and efficient systems to maximize performance and minimize energy costs of your facility. With experience and thorough approach, they use systems and products of highest performance, quality and reliability. They tailor innovative and cost effective design solutions to suit your requirements.

Technology in safety, access and surveillance tools is advancing every day. Facility managers abreast with the latest developments, install security systems that meet environmental, health, and security standards. They check the compliance of construction norms with the federal and local laws. If required, they obtain clearances from appropriate agencies.

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Minimize the cost
Using innovative design approaches, improved methodologies and new technologies, facility managers optimize the resources and reduce construction costs significantly. They make sure that all the necessary aspects of the construction process, right from land acquisition to escalations are completed within the budget, protecting the project against additional costs.

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