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How to make your clients fall in love. The 4 emotional charges of marketing

The emotional charge is a reinforcer to achieve a sentimental bond with the buyer. Through it we make it clear to our clients why they should consume us compared to the competition, but above all it helps us to build an axis from which various actions in the communication Lebanon Email List of our company will start, for which, It is vitally important to define it, know it, rethink it and of course, keep it always present as part of our brand DNA.

There are 4 types of emotional charges used in marketing that most brands marry. While it is true that a product or service can have more than one emotional charge, it is always worth exploiting only one of them, this will give us greater force in the communication Lebanon Email List of our company.

The emotional charges can be divided into:

customers1. Authenticity guarantee: Possibly where the strongest emotional bond between brand and consumer is achieved. Here the important thing is that the buyer perceives our brand as “the original” which provides a lot of security and guarantee Lebanon Email List when purchasing our products, this makes it difficult to change our brand for another. Some examples are: “The real stain remover” “Star wars. The Original Soundtrack “

  1. Commitment to provide: It is when the quality of our brand is ahead. The consumer prefers us for our degree of functionality. It is very important to exploit this emotional charge only if we have a product or service that supports it, otherwise we will generate a great disappointment that will regress our identity. As examples we have “Duracell, dura y dura” “All Mexico is Telcel territory”
  2. Pleasure or satisfaction of use: This emotional charge unites the consumer through the enjoyment of our product that can be built by high organoleptic acceptance (1) or by a masked placebo. Examples: “Sabritas, you can’t eat just one” “With Adidas I play better”
  3. Social expression: We find it at the time that the brand provides prestige to the consumer. The label shows who the user is or who they would like to be, giving them great security and pride in carrying our brand. Much of the fashion-related companies fall into this category, from clothing to gadgets and electronics. We can give examples: “I am totally Palacio” “Apple, think different”

(1) Characteristic of a substance that is perceived with the senses.

Now that you know the different emotional loads, define which is the best for your brand Lebanon Email List. With this you will have a better foundation for building a solid and healthy brand.

We hope this information has been useful to you. We put at your disposal our services in brand building and consolidation. Contact us, we have plans just for your needs. Remember that a good brand makes a business a business. Until next time.

Registration and brand name on the Internet
The registration and brand name has always been an essential step in the creation of any enterprise, but with the advancement of the Internet, this issue has undergone Lebanon Email List important transformations to take into account. As we will see, new problems have arisen, but also new opportunities.

Brand name

Traditionally, trademarks have never been generic names for products or services, because they are expressly prohibited by law. If you sell sneakers, you will never be able to register the trademark “Sneakers” for your product, as that would make it impossible for a competitor Lebanon Email List to use the word to sell their own products. However, the ideal of any brand is to be fully identified with the product or service it provides. To cite just one example, such is the case of Gillette, whose brand is used commonly and in everyday speech to refer to razors.

The web domain registration

With the registration of web domains (the famous “.com”), the issue of trademark registrations has undergone an interesting change. Given that on the Internet users search for products and services by keyword (for example, “fishing accessories”), and that search engines such as Google prioritize in their search results the web pages whose domains Lebanon Email List contain the search words, each There is a stronger trend in the online world to create companies with brands that cannot be registered as such, but that provide excellent natural positioning in search engines. In this regard I can contribute my personal experience, with an online store dedicated to retro toys.

The same applies to the case of marketing through social networks, in which the most appropriate strategy to attract new customers is not to communicate through a brand name, but through a theme. Such is the case of a website dedicated to web design, which spreads its fan page through Facebook and under its name, but also an interesting thematic fan page, dedicated to creative design.

Brands are not what they used to be

Although the traditional concept of a trademark has suffered a breakdown and there are still many things to be resolved, especially controversies regarding the international Lebanon Email List validity of a registration, the trademark as we know it has not and will not disappear. Brands with a long history and reputation must necessarily have a domain under their name.

Another aspect to bear in mind is that the registration of a trademark legally always takes precedence over the registration of a domain: if any user obtains Lebanon Email List the domain of a registered and foreign trademark, he may be the subject of a lawsuit.

In any case, the choice of the brand name of an enterprise should be one of the first and best defined steps to go through, both for the already known aspects that are part of branding, and for these new ones that we have discussed here, related to the logic of the Internet and web positioning.

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