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How to write a successful sales letter

Sales Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide you with accurate information on each of the aspects that makes a winning sales letter.

Throughout this manual I will show you the most effective strategies and tricks for creating powerful sales letters. You will also be able to see the basic structure of a sales letter and each of the elements that cannot be missing.

Structure of a successful sales letter

Sales letters have been shown to be very successful Palestine Email List in selling a product, especially in the case of digital products marketed over the internet.

But for a sales letter to be really effective it must follow a special format, which has been studied for years by experts, who tried different formulas over and over again until they achieved the most effective ones.

Personally I have tested which were the models that obtained the best results, either by their elements or by some psychological trigger in the buyers.

There is a basic structure that your sales letter must have to achieve the expected results. So, to be successful, your sales letter must have the following elements:

The headline: vital to success

If the headline isn’t read, your sales letter won’t be either. 80% of the success Palestine Email List of a sales letter depends on the headline.

For a headline to attract attention, it must contain a benefit that interests that reader, the greatest benefit that can happen to him if he buys your product. This is called the key benefit in marketing. If your product is a weight loss product, you can attract more attention from your potential customer with a heading that says: “Lose 4 kilos in 3 weeks!” than with another that is: «Natural slimming».

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Make a list of all the benefits of your product (not the features) and choose the one that will most attract your target audience. The rest of the benefits can be used as subtitles or in a list.

How to write compelling headlines
Without a good headline your letter will never be read. As we saw in the first chapter of this manual the header depends on 80% of the success Palestine Email List of a sales letter, therefore it is obvious to say that it is the most important element of your sales letter.

You must create several headings, test them, ask your family and friends, and choose the one that works best, the one that attracts the most attention. These headings should name one or more of the main benefits of your product.

Here’s a secret: Several studies have shown that headings enclosed in quotation marks “” perform much better.

Irresistible headers can contain:

News: Big news makes a good headline Palestine Email List. We all want to be informed and keep up to date especially in the area that interests us.
Questions: By asking direct questions of your reader you can make a good headline. The reader automatically begins to answer it in his mind and this introduces him into the rest of the text. Example: “Would you like to master English in just 3 months?”
How …: You probably know about the success of the “How to …” headlines and products in the Anglo market. The surprising thing is that they are still a good option that grabs your reader’s attention. Example: «How to lose 12 cm from your waist in 4 weeks».
Testimonials: You already know the positive effect that testimonials Palestine Email List from other satisfied customers have on your reader’s mind. You can take advantage of and use a good testimonial as your headline. Example: «This software really works! now I no longer have problems with the content of my site ».
Deadline: Headlines with deadlines make people act faster. Make your customer buy NOW. Example: “Buy this DVD before February 12 and get The Lord of the Rings collection for FREE!”.
“What’s in here for me?”

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When people enter a website they only wonder one thing: What’s in it for me? (“QHAPM”). This happens with all readers, without exception.

Each visitor is always unconsciously looking for what they can have, buy or do, so they need to know instantly what that site they are visiting has to offer them.

If we do not answer the question “QHAPM” this person Palestine Email List will leave the site, may never return and will surely buy a similar product offered by the competition that did tell him was there for him.
Give your best answer to the “QHAPM” question in the header and first paragraph of your sales letter and you will win more sales than you think.

Make your sales letter an answer to this question, let your visitor know what he will get if he orders your product, but always talking about direct benefits.

The first paragraph

It is also important to pay attention to the first and second paragraphs below the opening salutation. Many sales letters fail at this point by not paying proper attention.
Remember that the reader is only interested in himself, so if in the first paragraphs you do not detail how your product Palestine Email List can change his life or work, he will fail. So in the first paragraph continue talking about benefits.

The body of your sales letter

Explain how your product will give you that benefit, how and why it will change your life by having it. Always speak in the second person and singular, you are addressing Palestine Email List a single person not a group.
Also remember that you should write your sales letter in the same way that you normally speak, do not use complicated words or technical language, the reader may not understand them.

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The body of your sales letter should be made up of short paragraphs, separated by subheadings or phrases that connect the previous paragraph to the next, so that the reader can progress through your sales letter without getting bored.

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