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IMAGINA renews its position as a leading agency on Instagram and Tiktok in 2020

In our annual ranking of the best social media agencies in Spain, IMAGINA is once again the leading agency on Instagram for the third consecutive year, and manages to be the best positioned on TikTok. This leadership in the social networks of the moment and its constant adaptation to emerging digital trends, position IMAGINA as one of the agencies that has grown the most in recent years, occupying the first position among the agencies based in Barcelona and the fourth in the Spanish ranking Morocco Email List.

It is no coincidence that IMAGINA is in the top positions and is one of the leading agencies. Since it began, it has opted for a 100% digital business model that offers 360º management. IMAGINA works the entire digital scope and offers from digital strategy, community management Morocco Email List, training for companies, SEO and SEM positioning marketing, digital advertising campaigns and Social Ads, audiovisual content production, web development and ecommerce … to interaction and growth strategies like the well-known Growth Hacking.

Its strategy consists of offering its clients all digital marketing techniques with a business model based on 50% performance & 50% creativity, with a management model based on consulting and people. They clearly bet on advertising and creative strategy and highly visual graphic content that add value to their work, a factor that has led to their leadership on Instagram for three consecutive years.

The CEO of IMAGINA, Dani Casanovas, explained to us that “the Agency is prepared to take on projects from leading companies. We are closing agreements with large players with exclusivity at the sector level ”. In addition, the manager added: “Before the pandemic, the digital channel and Social Networks were relevant and now they are essential, and IMAGINA is the perfect partner since our team dominates them 100%. Our combination of strategy, creativity and performance is almost unique in the market “

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Regarding its success stories, the agency has positioned clients from all kinds of sectors such as fashion and fashion, leisure and tourism, mass consumption, B2B and companies such as Grupo Stop, Port de Barcelona, ​​Liberbank, Orange or Fira Barcelona Morocco Email List.

Ranking of the 40 best Social Media agencies in Spain according to their own social presence (2020)

You may think that anyone can manage your social profiles at a low cost, but the truth is that developing digital strategies adapted to your business Morocco Email List and improving communication with customers, among other functions, is the work of professionals. Therefore, the best option is to have agencies specialized in Social Media to help you in this process.

The importance of having the best professionals in your Social Media strategy
Social networks are channels that help to achieve greater notoriety, increase the presence and image of brands, attract traffic to web pages and obtain customer data. These agencies have the most suitable professionals to carry out an effective plan that differentiates you from the competition and obtains the best results.

But… you will think: «which agency to choose?». To help you make this decision, we have updated our ranking with the main Social Media agencies in Spain, valued with data as of October 2020. This is the third year in which we made this ranking with the best in the sector.

The 40 best Social Media agencies… ordered by their results on social networks
Obviously, determining which are the best Social Media agencies in Spain is not easy. We could use many criteria for this, from its prestige in the sector, to its number of clients Morocco Email List, its turnover volume or the number of employees. However, to order our ranking we have opted for an option that we consider quite logical: ordering Social Media agencies … based on how they do it on social networks.

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Obviously, determining with certainty which are the best social media agencies in Spain is impossible, since the same agency can do a great job with one brand and another not so much with another, just by changing sectors, being a different type of brand or even by the professionals involved in the campaign. Assuming this limitation, we try to provide an order beyond the alphabetical one that is based on the activity of social media agencies in their own social networks, as a clue of popularity and their ability to do things well in this area.

For it:

We have selected 40 of the main Social Media agencies in our country.
We have counted the number of followers they have on LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as the engagement of the latter three. This is the first year that we have added YouTube and TikTok to our ranking: in the case of the latter, there are still few agencies that have a profile on this social network, but it will be interesting to see how they evolve for the future.
With those totals in hand, we have ordered them and assigned a value -from more to less, depending on their levels of engagement and followers-.
To count the engagement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we have used one of the most powerful Social Media tools on the market Morocco Email List, Metricool, and we have ordered and valued them.
Finally, we have made an average from the positions of each of them in each of the classifications by social network, and we have obtained the final score, which has helped us to order the ranking.
Ah! And, important: we have added a column to the left of the table, placing the number in the agency ranking for 2019 and 2018, so you can see the evolution Morocco Email List.
Did you find it a bit confusing? Don’t worry, here you can check all the data (as of October 1, 2020).

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The agencies that we have selected, this year, in alphabetical order, are:

AB Social Media
Arnold madrid
Buzz Marketing Networks
Good rebels
Hydra Social Media
Internet Republic
The shelf
Lola mullen lowe
Marketing Paradise
Marketing Surfers
Relevant Traffic
Social Mood
Social noise
Mr Burns
The Cocktail
The Social Media Family
We Are Marketing

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