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Information Systems Applied to Marketing


Nowadays it is difficult to imagine the world without the use of electronic systems for all types of communication, it is enough to take some time to observe the number of people looking in their pants pocket when listening to the personalized sound of their cell phone, to answer a Call that may be wrong or perhaps represents the start of a profitable business Italy Email Database. What 20 years ago was almost unimaginable, today is so normal that they go unnoticed. This type of technological development has been offering over the years an opportunity to advance in the competitive and increasingly globalized world of today and is used in the different operations of companies from the purchase of raw materials to the sale of the products offered.

Information systems provide the necessary tools for making adequate decisions with much less uncertainty. Regarding the sale of the product Italy Email Database, companies have been able to expand their market in such a way that the marketing activity is becoming more complex. The constant change in the tastes and preferences of consumers, the globalization of markets means that the marketing executive needs more timely and truthful information every day to make decisions that are ahead of his competition. For this reason, Information Systems today are the main tool for executives to make decisions.

Information improves the decision-making process. To be effective, a salesperson needs to gather enough information to understand past events, identify what is happening now, and predict what might happen in the future.

Market information, collected through a systematic collection of records or formal research programs, is an extremely valuable tool for management Italy Email Database, as good information reduces the uncertainty and risks associated with decision-making. Systematically collected market information can lead the marketing manager to new products, improvements to existing ones, and modifications in pricing, promotion, or distribution strategies and tactics.

The information can help define problems or identify opportunities. Once a marketing problem or opportunity is identified, collecting pertinent information helps the marketing manager to deal with the situation objectively.

For all the above it can be understood that the use of information systems applied in marketing, as one of the most important aspects of business Italy Email Database, is of the utmost importance since it is a tool that keeps the seller and buyer together. The seller can know the customer’s requirements in a more timely manner and on the other side of the coin, the buyer can learn more quickly what the seller offers as well as its characteristics and applications.


The main reason for being or existing for any business is the generation of profits, to make this point clear I want to point out to the profit-making Italy Email Database organizations that generally when they start they have the intrinsic goal of obtaining the greatest possible economic profit, however, to obtain profits they are You must offer a product or service for which someone else is willing to pay. So far we have only mentioned what most people know by common sense; “A business Italy Email Database sells a service or product to a buyer who is willing to pay the offered price.”

However, the matter begins to get complicated when we talk about staying within a competitive and increasingly globalized market where we realize the great diversity of buyers’ tastes as well as the no less great diversity of items offered by sellers Italy Email Database, which can result in buyers not getting the best item that meets their needs or sellers not offering what is best for their customers.

It is for this reason that it is essential to have the necessary information Italy Email Database to make a good decision for both the seller and the customer. Regarding the seller’s part, the information applies to marketing, since the constant changes in people’s tastes and preferences mean that timely and truthful information is required to get ahead of the competition and this is where this information is backed by information systems, which is the main decision-making tool for marketers Italy Email Database.

Due to the fact that today we compete with global rules, what you see has been good for a business does not imply that it will continue to be good in the future since as we said before there are many changes in the perspectives of people who at the end of the day are what make it possible for a ……………

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