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Information Systems Applied to Marketing part 3

In Mexico, many of the companies do not have an electronic information system and yet many of them generate profits and have been maintained for many years providing sources of employment and contributing to the development of the national economy Japan Email List. It may sound strange since we previously commented that information systems are a necessary tool for decision-making, but can’t decisions be made without having an expensive information system that indicates all kinds of trends in tastes and needs? of people ?, Well the answer, after analyzing some companies that generate profits in such a way that they are maintained and have been maintained for a long time, is definitely yes, since as we mentioned previously, information systems provide support for making decision-making, that is; The importance of information systems is not the content of this Japan Email List, but the degree of use that is given to the data obtained and the actions that are taken based on the information mentioned or found in the marketing process, so SIMs by themselves have no value if they are not complemented with actions that allow precisely what they are looking for, improve sales or the company’s profit.

This leads us to the fact that promotions that are innovative can be generated by having enough information to know that something may work or has the potential to be successful Japan Email List, the difference lies in the degree of objective uncertainty that may arise when making the corresponding decision. . By objective degree of uncertainty, I mean that perhaps the owner or manager of a business may have a hunch that the decision is the correct one but it is not supported by any previous analysis, so it is not objective, which is not necessarily harmful, since over time it has been shown that having all the information required for the launch of a product or a service does not guarantee its success, and on the contrary, there are several success stories of people who believed in their ideas and they formed large profitable and stable businesses.

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Due to the fact that having information represents a cost and the benefit may not be directly quantified, it becomes difficult to justify the investment to implement information Japan Email List systems that provide the support or support that the company requires, this is done more complicated if we take into account that correct decisions have been made that have led the business to generate profits, so it is not required to invest in something that is not being necessary until now. However the point today is globalization.

Because each time it is more common for companies to compete in other markets and other nations, each specific case must be analyzed with its particularities in order to understand what type of information is required to prosper and once you have analyzed this Japan Email List, define if it is required. Obtain this information through the use of traditional information systems or more advanced systems that can prevent the decline in business profits.


Undoubtedly, information systems play a very important role in the development of companies, this need is accentuated when contemplating an increasingly globalized world where the fact of gaining market is Japan Email List based on accurate and timely information that can be generate in a short period of time, even more, the idea of ​​covering more market implies having tools that allow to carry out investigations, to know specific market situations and many other general or specific characteristics of the clients, markets or even political sphere, which do not They would be possible without the use of information systems that provide what is necessary to directors and managers to reduce uncertainty in decision-making. This concept is applied at all levels of the organization from the purchase of raw materials, business Japan Email List operations and sales, in such a way that they help to make all aspects of the business more efficient, showing existing problems and areas of opportunity to be able to take actions that guide the growth of the business and increase profit margins, the latter being the reason for the business being.

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Therefore, having information systems that serve as a basis for the analysis of decision possibilities can offer a competitive advantage over businesses Japan Email List that do not have this type of technology for which an uncertain future would presage, however the fact having information systems and applying it to marketing does not guarantee the success of the business but simply provides a help and an advantage that if it is not supported by a good product or a ……….

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