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KOL and Alpha Buyer: Two Concepts Influencer Marketing Must Master

Two concepts referenced in a recent Kolsquare report are worth considering, which will undoubtedly define the way influencer marketing will have to operate in the months ahead. Influencer marketing is one of the Panama Mobile Database trends that will grow significantly under current market conditions.

Recent studies indicate that the influencer marketing industry will be worth $ 10 billion by 2020, thanks to the fact that 43 percent of marketing teams experiment with influencer marketing actions to define the real value it brings to their brand .

In the midst of a context in which BTL activities, point-of-sale promotions and spectacular ones, among others, lose ground to the isolation measures imposed by health authorities in different markets around the world, these advantages seem to gain weight. the eyes of the marks.

Faced with the pandemic, brands see influencer marketing actions as an important lifeline that allows them to maintain contact with their audiences even when the norm indicates keeping their distance.

This is revealed by a recent survey signed by BrandMe , which indicates that 87 percent of brands are betting on influencer marketing to deal with the coronavirus.
Influencer marketing is changing

Although it is true that the numbers grow thanks to current market conditions, the reality is that this phenomenon will force influencer marketing to evolve as new trends arrive at this marketing practice.

With this in mind, it is relevant to recognize, for example, that virtual influencers are taking an especially important role within these investments, where their earnings today are greater than what an average worker receives each year.

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To understand the phenomenon, it is necessary to see what happens with Miquela , a virtual influencer who has gained special relevance in the field of fashion within Instagra, and who with 2.6 million followers is among the list of 25 people most influential according to Times magazine.

Panama Mobile Database

KOL and Alpha Buyer: Two Concepts to Consider

With these types of trends at the door and growing inlfuencers will be forced to adopt an increasingly strategic role rather than a tactical one.

At least that is how they alert from Warc, where a kind of expansion is expected in the infliencuers market in the face of the new needs and interests of the audiences themselves.

“There has been no better time than a global health crisis to reorganize our communities based on new influencers, aspirations, social rituals and habits,” explains Ana Andjelic, an analyst at Warc.

In principle, it is fair to acknowledge that with greater investments, the demands on these now crucial players in the media mix will become higher and higher.

It will not be enough simply to deliver good levels of reach or interactions, these indicators must be transformed into sales.

Thus, it is important to understand that influencers will stop being simple “stars” of the web to become a crucial player when designing strategies that, although they will be focused on branding, will increasingly take dyes closer to conversion.

In this sense, it is worth Brother Cell Phone List considering two concepts referred to in a recent Kolsquare report, which will undoubtedly define the way in which influencer marketing will have to operate in the following months:

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Alpha Buyer

By nature, the bulk of influencers fall into this category. These are consumers who by definition and without commercial commitments are loyal to certain brands. Your shopping habits have the ability to inspire your followers to be replicated.

The interesting thing at this point is to understand that what was previously seen for massive brands with powerful influencers, now has to go down to more and more specific niches with brands that, although they may not be so relevant to the bulk of the community, if they are in a certain group of consumers.

Brands should seek out these types of influencers and try to capitalize on their niche influence. Additionally, they will become a source of inspiration to reach markets that are probably not in current business plans.

Key Opinion Leader (KOL)

Influencers, in addition to being understood as a great vehicle to reach consumers, should begin to be seen as an unrivaled source of information, which could naturally make them the next great experts in campaign strategies and processes.

KOLs have a high level of proximity with their followers, are able to relate to their lifestyles and often manage to position themselves as experts and advisers on specific issues.

In this way, influencers must be integrated into many growth processes, both as channels to connect with audiences as well as advisors on specific issues, especially when it comes to understanding a particular audience.

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