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Mailing Lists Are the Key to Creating a Good Customer Base

How do you get customers? Most people don’t realize that mailing lists account for nearly half of any company’s business. Whether it’s a list of addresses in your local area, or a highly targeted list to help you find the people who are just right for your product, using mailing lists can double your customer base overnight.

How Mailing Lists Work

Businesses create a customer base by sending out newsletters, announcements and special deals to their list recipients. Proper marketing gets you the names and addresses that are relevant to your product. This is a simple way of connecting your prospective customers or clients to your services, which they need.

These days, many businesses choose to go electronic. Although electronic mailings have less impact (since everybody’s inbox is awash with spam and other irrelevant junk), the savings they bring to your accountants mailing list business are phenomenal. Sending out mailings means printing costs and postage, but sending e-mail newsletters doesn’t cost a thing, and it’s a proven way to connect with potential customers.

Finding Your Future Customers With A Mailing List Broker

How do you them? This is the one tricky hurdle that every business needs to jump, and once you’ve cleared it, you can sit back and take orders. The fact is that these names and addresses are very difficult to find on your own. This is why many companies choose to use a mailing list broker.

Brokers have access to list databases that offer lots of choices. With their expertise, they can search these multiple databases and look for the customers your company is targeting. What’s the point of sending your messages or newsletters to people who aren’t interested? Brokers know how to find the folks who’re looking for your service.

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A broker can also help you avoid the pitfalls of mailing lists. A badly made list will include old addresses where the person no longer lives, names that are too young or deceased, incorrect names that’ll only offend the recipients and duplicates. Brokers know how to handle these problems and save you the hassle.

Electronic Mailing Lists – The Way Of The Future

It’s essential nowadays for businesses to be online, and marketing has never been easier. List building and updating is a breeze when you’re doing it electronically. It’s cheap, environmentally friendly, and goodies like auto responders allow you to send your newsletters more easily than ever.

Going online also allows for your customers to participate in your business by using a discussion list or email forum. Participation creates a bond between you and your customers, which makes them feel empowered and in control.

One of the most sought-after and jealously-guarded business tool is the business to business mailing list. A good one is pure gold, crammed with cold-call sales opportunities and good business karma; a bad one is an expensive waste of time. There are two ways to get a good mailing list: compile it yourself, or purchase it. Because compiling them takes time, patience, and money, businesses often opt to purchase business to business mailing lists, at least in the early days of a company. How can you ensure you get a good list, not a bad one?

1. First, make sure any business to business mailing list you purchase has been validated using the NCOA. This verifies address accuracy. If they do not use this minimal screening technique, chances are that their information is old and inaccurate, and may contain duplicates, errors, and other problems that invalidates a large portion of the information you pay good money to buy.

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2. How clear and simple to use is their website? A good business to business mailing list broker will put all their information up front. Avoid companies that accept Paypal only as a payment method; this means they could not get a merchant account through Visa or Mastercard and are not fiscally sound, an indication of a likely scam.

3. List rentals, offering lists for one-time use only, are generally offered by companies that are getting their data from someone else. While legitimate business to business mailing list companies may offer a one-time use (a common purchaser of these being not-for-profit organizations), if they ONLY offer one-time use, they are very unlikely to be legitimate.

4. The refund policy for any business to business mailing list should be clearly posted. Beware of companies that have too-good-to-be-true refund policies, or policies that seem to invite fraud. Chances are very good that these companies have bad lists and they’ll do everything they can to avoid giving you your money back – or will simply disappear. In most cases, legitimate business to business mailing list companies do not offer a refund at all; that’s because they know their information is accurate and the only customers seeking a refund are those whose troubles are caused by their own issues outside the list.

5. Does the company offer multiple means of contact, especially a customer service phone number? The more contact methods you see, the more likely the company is to be legitimate. To be doubly certain, check their address on a map to ensure it is real; one that is in the middle of nowhere is likely to be fraudulent.

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6. Legitimate or not, a business to business mailing list company that does not offer technical support in getting your list to work for your software is one to pass up. They should offer multiple formats to download the list in, especially CSV generic, and a tech support phone number in case you still have trouble. Look also for an FAQ section. Every legitimate mailing list company gets plenty of tech assist calls; one that does not bother to address this on their site is probably a fly-by-night scam.

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