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Marketing and Communication Pills – And we,…. What do we sell?

What is our business?

It is known that an entrepreneur is not the same as the owner of a company.

At a global level, family businesses are by far the most numerous in volume of activity. We do not talk about sales volume, quantity, we say.

This means that in any part of the world, we will find an average of 9 out of 10 companies, run by one of “The family”.

Then it happens that “the owner of the company” (be it the founder or the son of him who follows the steps generally with less commercial vision), they consider themselves and act in the market as “Entrepreneurs”.

Obviously, if they have a company, they are entrepreneurs !!, two plus two, four.
We see them always affiliated with the Chambers of Commerce and take advantage of each meeting of the Lions Club on Fridays, so as not to hide their pride in successful Lebanon Email List course markers in society.

They position themselves in that place and what is worse, from there: ADVISE !!.
Of course they are not all (thank God and Groucho Marx), but they are many …

We are not going to analyze here some particular characteristics of these action groups (such as the fact that almost always the grandson squanders all the capital that his grandfather built with parsimonious work – basic rule of social marketing) Lebanon Email List. We want to focus on the difference between the two concepts.

Because it can happen that Don Abuelo (generally a hardworking immigrant with a commercial vision and a lot of commitment) acted effectively in the market of his time or in the current one, with some results (most of them the result of opportunity and not of method) and it is now It is impossible to explain to him that the market is dynamic and that those paradigms that worked for him 10 or 20 years ago are no longer such and that if he wants to survive, he has to change.

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What a dilemma for a consultant !!

But the example will help us to understand a question that we must always ask ourselves, in each activity that we develop, whether we occupy the position we occupy, whether we are in the area we choose or have touched us, or we want to direct our company towards one or another destination. .

What is our business? – What do we sell? And why do we sell this or that?

I know that it is difficult to understand that such a basic question should be analyzed, but understood in its real dimension, it is not an easy task that we must commit Lebanon Email List at each year-end, at each executive meeting, in the face of every obstacle.

It is the question that allows us to identify the true direction of any undertaking.

A couple of years ago, Tom Wise was telling us a personal experience that defines the problem.

It turns out that a major shipping entrepreneur in the United States calls Peter Druker to hire him for a consultancy.

His business was falling and he didn’t understand why.

Druker and Wise asked him to forward company documentation in a submission to the Druker studio for analysis, prior to a meeting that they set after 30 days (enough time for both Mktg priests to study the profiles). of the firm, its weaknesses and strengths, market, possibilities, etc.)

When the date of the meeting arrived (and the first personal Lebanon Email List contact between businessman and consultants), the man attended accompanied by his son, the young man who would eventually inherit the company and who was now obliged to seek continuity in a threatened market together to your father.

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Let’s clarify two things;

First, we are not talking about a medium-sized company.
We are talking about a huge shipping company that had been leading the North American market at the time.

Second and less important, that the costs of a consultation with Peter Drucker at that time, were on the rise and therefore, talking to one of the creators of Marketing Lebanon Email List, in addition to high fees, a place in a busy schedule that was achieved only with patience and with quite long dates.

For these reasons, the consultants had high expectations of the interest that both professionals would give to their topic and its possible solutions.

They had compiled abundant documentation that had been sent to Drucker 30 days before, so that as soon as they sat down in his study, they blurted out the question: What do you think, what can we do?

Drucker paused to calm the anxiety of the environment and returned a question: Tell me what is your business? …

Tom Wise told us that his man and his son looked at each other and did not believe the question.

His father was purple, and there was a pent-up rage in him.
“I sent you all the documentation in a timely manner so that you could study it, I waited a month for them to receive us and you didn’t even deign to see my document Lebanon Email List. How can you ask me what my business is? You have no idea who I am !!

The man was going to continue with a series of expletives that threatened to increase rapidly, when Druker calmly interrupted him and as if to clarify things for him …..

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