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Free shops invade São Paulo and help spread the concept of Tryvertising among Brazilian advertisers.

How the Brazilian musician and peta Milton Nascimento eternalized in his song “In the dances of life”: “… every artist must go where the people are!”

In the business world, this should be applied verbatim!

It turns out that through the complete “Test before you buy”, companies are discovering that this positioning can and should also be applied to brands and products.

This technique, called “Tryvertising” (Try = trying + advertising = Advertising), promotes direct customer contact with the product through purchasing experimentation Jordan Email List and not just through an advertising message.

This new Integrated Marketing Communications Jordan Email List tool is attracting more and more the interest of Agencies, advertisers and mainly businessmen from the communications universe, who see in it a new channel that brings together the assembly of a database of clients, potential consumers and at the same time, a communication strategy.

Developed with more intensity since 2009, this formula is a kind of evolution of Sampling and consists of giving more relevance to the old technique of free samples Jordan Email List, by allowing the consumer to spend a certain time testing the benefits of the product.

An example of this was the launch of the Sony Handy-cam DVD.

In partnership with London Zoo, the company offered visitors the opportunity to test the new equipment for one hour.

After a brief introduction of two minutes for directions for use, families were able to walk around the premises and record the best moments with that Sony camera.

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After the visit, the machine was returned and the participants took the images on a DVD, together with the technical specifications and details for the purchase of new equipment (here the advertising promotion).

According to Sony executives, 95% of the English visitors who tried the equipment were surprised by their actions and even more so by the promotional action, which culminated in generating more impact than all of the company’s advertisements in the media. mass communication Jordan Email List, by promoting a free experience of using the product.

Of them, an unusual and very high percentage of more than 53%, decided to purchase in this way!

Citing the teachings of Chris Anderson, the creator of “The Long Tail” Theory, Roberto Kanter, professor of the MBA Marketing course at the Getulio Vargas Foundation, affirms that the idea of ​​Tryvertising is present in the new concept propagated by Aanderson: The Freemium.

“In the future, we will have a free tasting of products Jordan Email List and services up to a certain and important level.”

The consumer first tests the product and then, if he wants, pays for it.

In his book “Free, O Futuro del Prços”, Anderson explains that the Internet has allowed many companies and business models to enter the digital age, precisely because of that advantage, distribution costs and market access equivalent to zero.

“A free product is its own advertisement,” he tells us.

In some way or another, all Internet businesses are based on this premise – Free. If not, watch the launches of anything, for example on Google. They are always free, tested first, and that is definitely setting a trend in consumer behavior.

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The Freemium Business Model is the future of business.

In Brazil, Tryvertising achieved an impact last year with the arrival of the “Free Shop” concept, a retail model that mixes promotional Marketing, consumer experience and market research in order to test the acceptance of certain product in the real world.

The Free Sample Club, (as it is called), was the pioneer in betting on the formula, with the opening of the first store in the country on May 11, 2009.

Located in Vila Madalena, west of Sao Pablo, the establishment works as a common store.

The difference is in the price tags of the exposed products Jordan Email List and in the merchandise withdrawal mechanics .: Everything is free !!.

The consumer enters the store, chooses what he wants to try and takes it home with him and does not pay a penny for it!

In return, he participates in an opinion research on the product Jordan Email List that he chose to test.

We do not sell anything, here the opinion of consumers is exchanged for the most varied products from cosmetics to cookies, says one of the Club’s owners, Luis Gaeta, who, before setting up his business, analyzed all the free store models already in existence in countries like Japan, Australia and Spain.

How does this work???

Well, this is where I start to have fun.

More than giving you the perfect equation for the sustainability of this business,

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