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Marketing and Technology: Partnership Needed for Business Success

In the past Dmexco, digital marketing fair, a benchmark event for this discipline, we heard messages such as: “In the coming years some of the best creative ideas will come from the chief technology officer” (Bob Lord, CEO of AOL Networks).

In marketing, what is really relevant for decision-making is the quality of information that your organization possesses and the Qatar Mobile Database ability to turn it into knowledge. For this function among others, technology is consolidated as the most important resource after human resources.

Companies are investing heavily in technology for more efficient marketing. Resources such as CRM, ERP, mobile applications, and strategy development and control programs are promoting highly interesting business results that justify such investments. The development of modern marketing unites its destiny, without a doubt, to technological development, which is why its significant advances in recent years would be unthinkable without the technological level reached, in such a way that every time technology advances for commercial purposes , the impact on marketing has a strategic impact and not only on digital marketing as we might think.

At a strategic level, many companies are consolidating mergers, alliances, joint ventures, patronage and even purchases of technology companies. This is creating market and business situations with a different profile than the one we appreciated a few years ago, and that is because marketing has been put in the hands of technology to achieve levels of excellence.

However, the inclusion of technology and its development in marketing departments is not an easy task, which sometimes creates many more problems than benefits. I make some management recommendations and related to the inclusion of technology in your marketing department:

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The technology must be accepted by senior management and a clear commitment to the inclusion of this resource in the company with strategic value
The technology has to reach the department to be used. Employees are reluctant to include use as a work tool in their repertoire of responsibilities and it is part of the company to cause compliance with this responsibility.
The technology is there to be used properly. It must be used, but in an appropriate way, because otherwise the chaos it causes is greater than the benefits that are sought
Make the most of the

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potential that technology offers. In a recent study we were able to conclude that the level of technological use of the company does not reach 60% of the possibilities that it generates
Personalizar la tecnología para los objetivos y características de la organización. Soluciones tecnológicas estándar, suelen dar como resultado inadecuación en la información, en el conocimiento de la empresa e incluso en el control que se pretende. Cualquier aplicación, programa o recurso tecnológico no es válido para cualquier empresa, aunque pretenda una misión estándar
Technology must follow an evolution parallel to the marketing development that we carry out and start from the company, I mean by this, that in technology we cannot kill flies with cannon shots either. We need the technology that is commensurate with the level of marketing that we implement. A small company with a reduced level of customers does not require a beastly investment in a CRM solution, for example, with a good spreadsheet that is moderately well designed and built, it will be more than enough to organize the information you get it will be enough to take Appropriate decisions will be more than enough for good business management.
Organizationally, I think a good idea is to include the technology department, person or function in the marketing department, so that this function keeps up with the pace and evolution of marketing and not the other way around. Technology has to be the answer to the demands of the commercial department. The strategic path must be joint. Separating their paths is a mistake.
If technology does not “sell” it in the commercial department as an ally and treats it as such, it will become a very harmful enemy for their interests.
Everything discussed is not valid Brother Cell Phone List if marketing is not the focus and concern of senior management. If there are other priority interests in management than satisfying the company’s customer, technology will become a function independent of marketing and less impact

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Technology is presented as a clearly differentiating value for business results and many organizations seek their competitive advantage at a higher technological level. Therefore, it will be its development and level of innovation that will mark the way of marketing and its efficiency.

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