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Marketing plan

I will briefly mention what a marketing plan contains:

Marketing is a set of activities conducted by a company to ensure the best or service available to consumers.

Sales are performed when the marketing Cayman-Islands Email List function is fully performed. The closing of the sale indicates that the purpose of commercialization has been achieved.

Goods and services are exchanged at the time of sale. In sales activity, a relationship is established between the seller and the buyer. Both are interested in this.

The aspects that an entrepreneur needs to be present at the marketing function are:

1) Definition of company.

With this, he mentions what the business Cayman-Islands Email List of the company is. If it is commercial, industrial or both. If you produce items or services. If you produce a single product or a product line and so on.

2) What is the demand or desire that satisfies the company’s products.

This allows the company to determine the potential market. That is, all consumers who know the needs of the company’s products if it only provides them.

3) What are the competing companies.

It informs you about the amount covered Cayman-Islands Email List by the competition. On the other hand, it lets you investigate the competitor’s product features. It also lets you know if there are products that can meet your needs; That is, in the absence of a company product, consumers may resort to available options. (For example, if you don’t have wheat, you can eat corn)

4) Product features that contribute best to meet the needs or desires of the consumer.

These features make it possible to compare company products Cayman-Islands Email List to see if product quality can be improved or if commodity prices need to be reduced in order to be competitive.

5) What keeps your customers interested.

That is, what are the features of a product Cayman-Islands Email List or sales that invite the consumer to return to buy in the same place. Proximity to the premises? Courtesy of the seller? Agree with assurance?

6) Product price as a factor of competition.

It will depend on whether it is a new product, virtually without competition or a product like others that has evolved into competition.

7) What are the product distribution channels.

Ways to get to certain places. Transportation and storage costs. Paying commissions to sellers and intermediaries. Makila prospects in other areas, etc.

8) What is the life cycle of the product.

If the product is in its infancy, matures, declines, or needs to be invented already to keep it on the market. Innovation is a factor that influences sales potential; Although the price is slightly higher than the competition.

9) What are the policies and programs for product promotion?

If sales personnel have training, advertising, labeling, promotion Cayman-Islands Email List and promotion development. Ways to use, costs involved, and so on.

10) Estimate the amount of product Cayman-Islands Email List that can be sold.

It has been proposed as a goal to increase the company’s profits. It estimates the exact amount you want to sell in a given period of time.

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That is why it is important that a communication system is available for the necessary information to indicate to the consumer that our product or service is the satisfier they are looking for. Sometimes the only thing that prevents the sale of our products is that the consumer is unaware that they exist and, of course, their characteristics as satisfactory. By not having an information system for the consumer, the sales opportunities of our products are reduced. As can be seen, information is a source of opportunities for both the consumer and the company; that is to say, both for the purchase and for the sale.

  1. The consumer communicates consumer aspirations; that is, needs and wants.
  2. The seller communicates availability of merchandise: that is, of satisfiers.

The consumer will seek more information about the goods for which the information is essential when deciding to purchase. The purposes that the consumer has when buying a good or service should be those that guide the development of the good or service and the pertinent information that is provided.

When the salesperson withholds information, wanting to keep the consumer in constant and persistent ignorance, fraud is almost certainly being committed. The wrong choices made by the consumer cause dissatisfaction. Sometimes an honest competition consists of providing all the information that the consumer requests. The consumer will be left with the impression that there is a direct relationship between the amount of information he receives and the honesty of the seller who provides it.

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