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Media relations – basic plan

Do you continually postpone the relationship with the media? Do you want to start some actions now? I present to you this basic plan. Better to start small and increase the actions later. Slow but safe.

Identify 10 media you want to target. It is a suitable number. Remember that there are not only the print media, but there are also radios, TVs, sector blogs, webs …

Read them, listen to them, follow them. It is the way to detect what type of information they may be most interested in.

Study which one is best for your company / message. You may have to switch media or reselect 10 new ones.

Do a search for the most suitable journalists El-Salvador Email List or the people responsible for the section. Thus, then you will know who to contact.

Call them and, if you can, try to meet with them. Without stress. If you see that you cannot contact, do not despair and wait for a better moment.

If you do not get the above, send them an email presenting El-Salvador Email List your company and offering to send your press kit. A text not very long and suggestive, but without seeming advertising.

Follow up regularly. One of the most serious mistakes El-Salvador Email List is reporting to the media and then disappearing.

Thank them if they post something about your company. We all like to be told about our work.

Invite them to an event to develop a relationship El-Salvador Email List of respect and trust. Let them see that you not only remember them when you need them but also that you make them participate in other events of interest or more fun.

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Market research found customer service quality issues at auto dealerships
A survey carried out in 30 sales locations revealed that half of customers leave their car buying experience with a level of frustration that includes the decision not to carry out a transaction with the seller who serves them unsatisfactorily and the company which it represents. The measurement aims to portray a symptom of the sector and extend the analysis to other industries.

Currently, it is understood that 8 out of 10 companies lose thousands of dollars due to poor service attention from their salespeople, executives or salespeople. In large part, this is due to the lack of interest they show in serving the most precious asset that your company must take care of: the customer.

Based on this premise, the Market Research department of the consulting firm Jordax Aprendizaje, set out to produce a reliable report on the quality of customer service from dealerships in the automotive industry in Argentina.

To do this, he decided to replicate different buying experiences, documenting their development to evaluate the performance of the sales consultants, the empathy they managed to achieve with the interested parties, the materials and arguments used, the occurrence of partial and / or definitive closings of the sale. , the subsequent follow-up and the conclusions that the interested party obtained from the purchase practice.

30 points of sale were selected, from a total of 22 automotive dealerships, representing 14 brands of national and imported vehicles, with headquarters, predominantly, in the North and Northwest areas of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires; and the towns of Vicente López and San Isidro.

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The different branches were visited by “incognito buyers” who, developing the Mystery Shopper technique, assumed the role of potential buyers of different makes and models of cars.

“The Mystery Shopper, also called Mystery Shopper El-Salvador Email List or Mystery Customer, is a commercial research service contracted and implemented by many companies, as a direct and reliable way to evaluate the performance of sales consultants,” said the director of Jordax Learning, Jordi Domènech.

“Access to growth opportunities is in the knowledge of the focus of the problem,” said the executive.

For Domènech, being immersed in daily corporate tasks often does not allow us to see the small great details that make up the entire development of a company El-Salvador Email List. “Seeing and meticulously observing each of these details will put us in a situation of greater knowledge when making decisions, which will serve to motivate the work team, know what actions to take in the face of improvements that the company must face, and highlight the people who push and defend the organization ”, explained the specialist.

The interviews carried out at the dealerships were filmed with a hidden camera to subsequently evaluate the performance of the interviewer and the interviewee. In this analysis, the technical staff of Jordax Aprendizaje placed special emphasis on the study of the body language and gestures of the salespeople participating in the experience.

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