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Neither off the hook, nor disconnected at 50: Midlifers also count

Midlifers are gaining ground and are already a group to be taken into account by brands in their communication strategies Times change and myths end up falling. The new reality is imposed and with it the Poland Mobile Database midlifers emerge with force, a group – that of people of 50 years or more – that feels energetic, lives connected to new technologies and yet has not succeeded, at least for the moment, the full attention of advertisers. These are the first conclusions of the study “Midlifers. The expert digital generation ”, prepared by the Maxus media agency in collaboration with the Nethodology institute (Analysis and Research), which was presented yesterday in Madrid to advertisers and advertisers.

Aware of the growing importance of midlifers in society and in the market, the media agency Maxus set out to get to know them in depth and expose “their gene and digital experience”. For this, he has carried out a quantitative study on his relationship with technology, his economic and professional situation, his relationship with trademarks, as well as his use of the media. The data is surprising: 90.2% use the internet to find out about product offerings, all of the respondents have a profile on at least one social network, and are regular users of online banking and e-commerce, but they think, however, that advertising is not directed at people his age.

“The purpose of the study is to propose a new way of seeing; we must rethink what we take for granted, to understand the new reality and thus generate useful responses to our customers ”, says Carmen Novo, CEO of Maxus Spain.

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Poland Mobile Database

From a demographic point of view, in Spain there are 6,791,000 individuals over 50 years of age (17.3% percent of the population), a group that continues to grow and that in 2028 will exceed eight and a half million. Of these, 39.5% are connected to the internet and experience digital technology with absolute naturalness and it is in this segment where Maxus has focused the study.

In search of your digital gene

Spanish midlifers have extensive experience in the digital environment: practically all of the respondents have been Internet users for at least 5 years and half for more than 10 years.

Six out of ten say they are good at using new technologies, to the point that half do not need to consult or ask their children for help. Their autonomy is so high that half can be considered “techies”, technology lovers, up-to-date and very confident with new media. In conclusion: they have five decades of life experience and one in the digital world.

The generation of 50 years or more feels, according to the Maxus study, frankly interested in using the new technological devices, such as mobile phones or computers; They are aware of the value that technology brings to their lives and they are regular users. 44.8% claim to have maintained their interest in recent years; They have an average of 3.43 devices to connect to the Internet and are above the average in the use of all devices except, of course, video consoles.

This “techie” generation connects to the internet daily through mobile phones (72.6%); 38% have a tablet and, of them, 62% surf online every day through this device.

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Hyperconnected and with profile in the RRSS

Individuals over fifty began their working lives practically with the rotary telephone, the typewriter, or the post; And in their free time they have gone from the youth squad to the use of social networks. Today they are, in fact, a hyperconnected group with a very diverse use of the network, which shows a full knowledge of the possibilities and alternatives offered by the network.

97.2 percent use the internet to manage their email; 76.2% to connect to various social networks, without forgetting forums and chats (79.2%), reading blogs (56.9%), downloading music, movies or software (34.9 %), and purchases (22.5%).

But above all, for them the network is a fundamental instrument for being informed, having fun and being in contact with their loved ones. A fundamental piece of information: 90.2% use the internet to find out about the product offer and, to a lesser extent, but importantly, to find out about the news (89.3%) and have fun or entertain themselves (82.7%).

But there is more: all of the Brother Cell Phone List respondents have their profile on at least one social network, especially on Facebook and Twitter.

Online shopping and banking

The e-eating, also is prevailing among the midlifers in a significant way. One in three purchases online and seven out of 10 declares that they will adopt this formula in the future. Online banking is another of its strengths: 66% carry out operations at least once a week.

Advertising and its relationship with brands

Half of those connected find the advertising of the big brands attractive, but only a third identify with them, they think that it is not aimed at people of their age (38.3%).

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