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Neuromarketing: Neurosciences applied to Marketing

Neuromarketing is the study of the functioning of the brain in purchasing decisions for a product; Or put another way, how people choose. It is a new field of marketing Mexico Email List that investigates the brain’s response to advertising, brand and other cultural messages.

Try to look for the buy button that, it seems, we all have in our brains.

Neuromarketing investigates which areas of the brain are involved in each customer behavior, whether when we choose a brand, when we buy a product or, simply, when we receive and interpret the messages that companies send us.

Marketing specialists measure the results of the actions carried out, in terms of sales, perception, brands, preferably, … with the beginning and end of the consumption process, but not the fundamental part in between. That is, what happens in the mind of the consumer.

Consumer decisions

They are supported by subjective sensations, and these sensations are linked to sensory stimuli that are activated at the moment of consumption below the level of consciousness Mexico Email List.

Surveys are no longer useful. They are based on the consumer’s conscious opinion of a product.

For this reason, the opinions of customers are not enough, it is necessary to investigate the brain.

What must we do so that our brand “marks” the brain with a preference?

When we consume a product or brand, do we consume a product or brand, or do we consume a “personal experience”? Or do we hide behind brand loyalty?

Neuromarketing Goals

Know how the nervous system translates Mexico Email List the enormous amount of stimuli
to which an individual is exposed to the language of the brain.
Predict consumer behavior after studying the mind, allowing you to select the prototype media format and communication development that people remember best.
Develop all aspects of marketing: communications, product,
prices, branding, positioning, targeting, strategic channel planning, … with messages more in line with what the consumer is going to consume. It is no longer so much what there is to offer, but rather the emotional impact generated by the way the promotion is communicated, especially in the retail environment.
Understand and satisfy, better and better, the needs and expectations of customers.
From the business side

With neuromarketing, business risk decreases because products are made that are more closely related to what people really want.
From the consumer side

This is his opinion: Neuromarketing has no other purpose than to manipulate consumers to induce them to buy the products that companies want to sell, regardless of the quality or nature of the product.

Applications to Get the Most Out of Facebook

For all those who are looking for effective and practical answers about what to do on social networks to achieve maximum effectiveness when promoting our sites, services and products, we have listed some applications that can maximize Mexico Email List our participation in social networks. Without going any further, Facebook has 300 million users worldwide. Therefore, every opportunity we have to improve our performance as users of the site will be welcome, as it will result in a huge mass of traffic accurately directed to our site.

• Static FBML. This acronym stands for Facebook Mark Up Language, and through this application we can further customize our Facebook home page, using HTML and FBML code. For example, it is possible to make landing pages more adjusted, which will be shown as a configurable tab in the navigation bar.

• DefineMe. An app that allows you to insert the classic tag cloud on the home page, an element of high visual impact that also provides important information to visitors. Words can be ranked by size.

• Rss Graffiti. An RSS that allows you to keep the home page updated with the latest entries to the company blog and any other site that is considered of interest. Ideal for managing more than one RSS Atomfeed.

• I Endorse. Essential to show the positive comments of our users. With these apps it is possible to develop and grow our ability to do business online Mexico Email List, by recommending other users of our products and services. It takes on special relevance when it is considered that consumers consult with the rest of the community before deciding on a product. With the I Endorse we can show all the positive comments they have made about us.

• Poll Daddy Polls. Apps that allow you to carry out surveys and small polls. Ideal when we make a change to a product, or to our site and we want to know what our contacts think.

• Creative Commons License. This app allows you to specify what type of license the material you publish on Facebook has – and in fact all over the internet Mexico Email List. Creative Commons is an initiative that allows you to share creative material in a more elastic way, but at the same time, it forces you to recognize copyright. Ideal, for example, if you want to share images or music, and still maintain their authorship.

• Fboostic. The ideal apps to diagnose advertising the use, virality and trends of each user’s applications. Ideal for reporting where exact numbers and figures need to be presented.

These are just a few Facebook apps. It is highly recommended to take the time to study the many applications that Facebook offers or develop your own Mexico Email List, tailored to each site. The apps offer the possibility of customizing the Facebook page to the maximum and interacting in a much richer way with our contacts, sharing more information and, fundamentally, providing the opportunity to more accurately collect the feedback that our clients may have about us.

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